If you have to handle a lot of email messages on a daily basis, you probably considered turning to specialized third-party applications to simplify your tasks.
For instance, XtraBanner Manager is one of the applications that can help you achieve quick, satisfactory results by providing you with several relevant functions.
Enhance email correspondence
XtraBanner Manager is one of the applications that can help you improve the way you keep in touch with various contacts by customizing your emails with various components.
It is specially tailored to meet the needs of companies and users with similar profiles, as the contents of their emails can be enriched to feature banners that are linked to products, services, e-mail addresses or websites.
Uses Microsoft Exchange Server infrastructure
This application is built using the Microsoft Exchange Server infrastructure, thus saving you time spent modifying the mail flow. More so, it does not require dedicated servers for the same reason.
You can personalize emails sent from a broad range of cloud email services or regular servers. The messages can be customized both on-premise and in the cloud, providing you with multiple possibilities.
Create banners and signature rules
After you launch the application you can access a list of banners and signatures directly from the main window by expanding the Campaigns category and navigating to the desired subcategory. Here you can generate banner and signature rules by clicking the dedicated buttons in the right panel.
Creating a banner rule requires you to assign it a name, set a start date and an ending one, modify its priority level and edit the campaign options for it. It is possible to add up to eight banners or text fragments by clicking the plus-shaped buttons and inserting your content. Testing it can be done by clicking the central magnifying glass button.
Handy email enrichment service that helps you add signatures and banners to your messages
All in all, XtraBanner Manager is a reliable tool that enables you to enrich your emails by inserting custom banners or signatures to your messages. It uses Microsoft Exchange Server's infrastructure, lets you create banner and signature rules and can edit items on-premise or in the cloud.









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XtraBanner Manager enables you to customise your emails by using various

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XtraBanner Manager lets you customize all the emails you send with signatures and banners. Create customized signatures or add text fragments to your emails. It’s all possible from the free version you get with XtraBanner Manager.


– Rich text editor to edit banner text
– Customized envelopes
– Banner management and insertion
– Signature management
– Banners and signatures are available on-premise or in the cloud
– Email reputation metric support for signatures and banners
– Banner/Signature creation from text files
– Banner creation from text files via drag and drop with the help of the rich text editor
– Signature creation from text files via drag and drop with the help of the rich text editor

· Add text, images or graphic files on your messages
· Create signatures and banners from text files
· Customize your emails with custom text or graphics
· Create banner and signature rules
· Add up to 8 banners or text fragments
· Analyze your banners and get statistics
· Sends customized emails to your contacts
· From version 2.7.x you also have the possibility to define mail groups to which only the banners and signatures that you selected match.

Its features meet all of your business needs:

· Add text, images or graphic files on your messages
· Create signatures and banners from text files
· Customize your emails with custom text or graphics
· Banner and signature management
· Banners and signatures are available on-premise or in the cloud
· Email reputation metric support for banners and signatures
· Banner/Signature creation from text files
· Banner creation from text files via drag and drop with the help of the rich text editor
· Signature creation from text files via drag and drop with the help of the rich text editor

· Drag and drop logic to insert your text, images or graphic files
· Easily create banners, signatures and text snippets for both on-premise or cloud use
· Manage signatures and banners at one place
· Access all of your signatures and banners directly from the main window
· System protection and backup
· Manage all your signature and banners from your email account(s)
· Backup all your signatures and banners
· Office 365, Google Apps, Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook (MAPI), Windows Live, Exchange, Mail.com and Yahoo! Mail support

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This works in conjunction with the iPhone 4S’s Messages app as well as any text message clients that you may already be using.

In the Notification Center, the banner serves as an reminder to open the

What’s New in the XtraBanner Manager?

XtraBanner Manager is an emailer designed to enrich emails with different banners or signatures. It provides you with the possibility to embed Microsoft Exchange Server components and generates smart banners and signatures based on your preferences. Main features include: – Easy installation – Microsoft Exchange Server-based infrastructure – Preferences for the insertions – Process single messages, e-mail groups, e-mail addresses or entire companies – Quick preview – Ability to edit items on-premise or in the cloud – Multiple layouts and templates for banners and signatures – Ability to import and export topics and attachments – Banners, signatures, and attributes – Customized service manual – Ability to send email receipts and track sends – Support for a broad range of cloud email servers Download XtraBanner Manager for: Windows · MacOS · Android · and more

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