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We all know that Windows 7 is pretty secure, and its default and User Account Control is clearly very user friendly. But there are times when something more secure and user friendly is needed. One of these times is when you’re working on a group or community collaboration project like a website where you need full access to everything, and you don’t want to give the whole world access just because you’re sharing the project with others.
The thing is that, when you go into full God Mode, you lose all access to the OS’ security and usability. Well if that’s not bad enough, you won’t be able to execute programs that you want to install, or even uninstall (or remove) anything that the group is using. That just leaves you with no choice but to provide full access.
Windows 7 God Mode offers a much easier way to disable User Account Control, allowing you to do whatever you want. Not only that, but it enables you to do it with just a click of a button!

– Enable “God Mode” to disable User Account Control,
– Add, remove and modify Program Access Policies,
– Add favorites for programs you want to make “always on top” and remove them when you want to access them,
– Disable Automatic Updates,
– Add a Password and Autologin to Windows,
– Control what key strokes can be executed,
– Get rid of Search Option for Programs menu,
– Get rid of “Do not display this message again” option under Settings menu,
– Add or remove the right mouse click menu.

Windows 7 God Mode is the best way to access full God Mode in Windows 7, while minimizing security threats to your PC.


You must have a Windows 7 OS for this application to work.

You should use this tool as a last resort, when there is no other way to solve the problem at hand (e.g. you are working on a team project, or you have full God Mode, and need to execute another program or uninstall it). If you do decide to use this tool, you should only do so on a Windows 7 system that you have total control over.

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or above

0.5MB Installation size (recommended)

Install Notes:

We recommend you use this tool as a last resort, when there is no other way to

Windows 7 God Mode Tool Crack

This tool enables “God Mode” in Windows 7 and XP, in a simple way and without the need to reboot.

Best of all, the very operating system you are currently using does not get updated with new settings, so you can enable it as many times as needed, without hassle. It also includes a custom menu that allows you to quickly change important system settings and get the best possible performance out of your Windows 7 installation.

Upon installation, the tool creates a shortcut on the desktop, and you can either run it as a tray app or use it in the standard Windows Explorer by right clicking on it and choosing “Run As Administrator”.

It uses only the essentials of the OS, offering a simple and lightweight interface that can be quickly enabled or disabled without having to exit from the program or restart your system.

This tool allows you to access “God Mode” by using a custom tool window, offering a menu that lists all the most important system and application settings, which you can access by right clicking on the Windows 7 God Mode Tool icon.

When enabled, “God Mode” automatically hides the standard Windows 7 Start menu.

There are absolutely no registry entries, so the operating system remains clean after removal of the executable.

In conclusion, the Windows 7 God Mode Tool does not corrupt the operating system, no error messages appear during system startup, and there is no need to restart the computer. It also updates the user interface so you can easily access your most-used system and application settings to get the best performance and stability.

Once you have run the tool and set it as the default settings, you can use the settings to customize the display, mouse or keyboard input, monitor power management, mouse pointer settings, minimize to desktop, pin applications to taskbar, create keyboard shortcuts or start “God Mode” via a custom desktop shortcut.

The usability of “God Mode” is perfectly balanced out with its energy costs and stability.

Windows 7 God Mode Tools Review

I am not sure if it is just me but I hate having to log in twice. And I love the convenience of having everything on the same screen. I always end up burning through all of my Screen Space. While I was doing this guide (a first for me) I had God Mode installed on a friend’s computer. And while it was running I watched his screen. When he finished up I noticed he had a message in the corner of his screen. I had some time to

Windows 7 God Mode Tool Crack Torrent (Activation Code) Download

Windows 7 God Mode Tool is a tiny and lightweight application that, after enabling it, creates a desktop shortcut.
However, this is no simple shortcut – it’s a special shortcut!
Once enabled, you gain access to the so-called “God Mode” panel on the Windows Explorer, where you can use all the same features and features you use on a daily basis, such as:
► Switch users in Windows Explorer
► Open, edit, create folders, change the permissions, move files and so on.
► Run Windows Explorer in administrator mode
► Unlock passwords
► Enable/Disable System Restore
► Shutdown Windows Explorer
► Force Windows Explorer to open in offline mode
► Backup and Restore Windows Explorer database
► Backup Windows Explorer database
► Close and open Windows Explorer
► Use Windows Defender Offline
► Take System Image in Windows Explorer
► Open System Control Panel
► Backup/Restore the default settings
► Switch the default account
► Change the default browser
► Run all applications as administrator
► Force the Windows Explorer to use a specific theme
► Disable the annoying Windows Aero effects
► Reset the Windows Explorer settings
► Disable the new “ShareThis” toolbar
► Enable/Disable Aero Peek
► Disable the Taskbar
► Disable the Taskbar buttons
► Force Windows Explorer to open full screen
► Lock the Taskbar
► Show hidden files in Windows Explorer
► Remove the icon in the Windows Explorer toolbar
► Remove the icon in the Windows Explorer toolbar
► Restore the icon in the Windows Explorer toolbar
► Hide icon in Windows Explorer toolbar
► Open Favorites and Run dialogs full screen
► Disable the “New in Windows 7” notifications
► Show a big icon in the Windows Explorer toolbar
► Hide the file/folder icon in the Windows Explorer toolbar
► Disable the Windows Explorer Notification Area
► Show a small icon in the Windows Explorer toolbar
► Hide the file/folder icon in the Windows Explorer toolbar
► Disable the Windows Explorer Notification Area
► Disable the Windows Explorer Notification Area
► Revert to the default Explorer Shell
► Disable Quick Access to folders
► Display volume of your hard drive on the desktop
► Disable the Windows Explorer Notification Area
► Disable Quick Access to folders
► Revert to the default Explorer Shell
► Open Windows Explorer in offline mode
► Open the Run dialog
► Open the Command Prompt
► Perform the action without opening the control panel
► Use the Command Prompt to open other applications

What’s New In?

Windows 7 God Mode Tool is a lightweight and portable application that, once enabled creates a shortcut on the desktop, providing access to the “God Mode” feature that is hidden in Windows 7.
Since installation is not a requirement, you can drop the executable file in a custom directory on the HDD and just click it to run.
It is also possible to save Windows 7 God Mode Tool to a USB flash disk or similar storage unit, in order to run it on any machine effortlessly, as long as it runs under Windows 7.
What’s more, the Windows registry does not get updated with new entries, and no extra files are created on the HDD (apart from the shortcut), leaving it clean after removal.
The interface is made from a small window with a plain and simple layout, where you can enable “God Mode” with the click of a button, as well as disable it at any time.
The new shortcut gives you access to a special panel in Windows Explorer, where all Windows features are neatly listed in alphabetical order and grouped into categories: Action Center, Administrative Tools, AutoPlay, Backup and Restore, Color Management, Credential Manager, Date and Time, Default Programs, Desktop Gadgets, and so on.
The tool requires low CPU and RAM, and quickly enables “God Mode” without needing to restart the system. No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and Windows 7 God Mode Tool did not cause the OS to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. Thanks to its overall simplicity, it should please all user levels.


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Windows 7 God Mode Tool Reviews

PCAinbloom1 (03-04-2016)
I could not find any downside other than there is no explanation of what god mode is. There is no link to help on this web site.

caroche (02-04-2016)
I never heard of something like this, I like it.

Curk (02-04-2016)
Makes my doing some work (reformat/backup) so much easier.

System Requirements For Windows 7 God Mode Tool:

Currently, Frameworks 7.6.1 and above is required for running the application.
To run on a lower system version, please download our Installer and check your system requirements.