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WhatsUp IP Address Manager provides the self-serve solution for identifying your IP space and its associated DHCP/DNS server(s). IP Address Manager stores the IP configuration of all DHCP/DNS servers for a single or multiple networks in a single database. You can also request that the stored records be updated with the current settings or removed from the database if the configuration settings have changed or should be removed. In addition, WhatsUp IP Address Manager allows you to view the configuration of individual IP devices and check its association to an IP address.
WhatsUp IP Address Manager can be used as a server or client application. WhatsUp IP Address Manager is the perfect cross-platform solution with a Windows and Mac operating systems.
WhatsUp IP Address Manager identifies the IP address space used by the network(s) that is managed by the application and associates any existing IP devices with IP address(es) via the IP address database. You can download the IP address data from your network provider and store it locally in the application or you can download the IP address data at any time. WhatsUp IP Address Manager can be used to build or rebuild your IP address database. WhatsUp IP Address Manager can scan your IP address databases for new entries, automatically update DHCP/DNS servers with new database entries and remove existing IP address entries from the database. WhatsUp IP Address Manager can also be used to find a specific IP address, or sub-net, within your IP address database.

DNS-Watcher is a DNS utility that is available for all operating systems, including Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac and Solaris OS.
DNS-Watcher is a DNS utility that is available for all operating systems, including Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac and Solaris OS. You can use it to analyze and debug DNS problems. DNS-Watcher will help to find and resolve slow DNS response, resolve invalid DNS Host name or DNS A record. It will also help to find and resolve your typo DNS records.
DNS-Watcher Features:
DNS-Watcher is easy to use and can be installed with just one click.
DNS-Watcher has the following features:
Identify duplicate A record
Identify invalid DNS Host name or DNS A record
Identify Slow DNS response
Identify typo DNS records
Save and open DNS configuration files
DNS-Watcher is a DNS utility that is

WhatsUp IP Address Manager License Key Full (Updated 2022)

IP Address Manager by WhatTheIP is easy-to-use, and easy-to-manage software for maintaining an accurate address space of all your network devices and their relationship with one another. All this information can be centralised to help businesses understand their networks, increase uptime, monitor technical health and reduce potential downtime and outages.
WhatsUp IP Address Manager Crack For Windows lets you:
* View detailed network information, including the IP address of every device on your network
* Manage all the relationships you’ve made between devices within your network
* Track the physical location of all your network devices and create advanced nagios.cfg reports
* Set up your own domain-based URL scheme for internal links on your network
* View the latest data for all active IP addresses
* Generate automated reports for your IP space
** Certified Free and Open Source software (C-OS)
To find out more visit www.whattheip.com
Key features:
– easy to use IP address manager
– simple to install and use
– offline mode
– centralisation of IP addresses on a website
– automated DNS changes
– reporting
– monitoring
– customisable reports
– full control of details and permissions
– mobile and web based
– contact and privacy details
– multi-lingual support
Your business and/or organisation would benefit from using IP address manager?


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Major functionality:
Wireless LAN, voice, and long-range wireless
Powerful management and control of wired and wireless LANs, voice over IP, or wifi networks
Extensive HTTP, NNTP, and SNMP Support
Supports DHCP, LDAP, RADIUS/AAA, and more
Standard and location-based events alerting
More than just a router
Streaming video, SVOD, and TV
Performance Monitoring
In-house monitoring and SNMP management
Gigabit or greater WiFi and Ethernet ports
More than 400 device models available
Ultimate Security Protection
Wireless intrusion prevention and wireless authentication
Access-lists, IPSec, and much more
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WhatsUp IP Address Manager Crack For PC

WhatsUp IP Address Manager helps you to keep track of all IP addresses assigned to your network and the computer and network devices using them. Because of this powerful feature, it is particularly suited for large networks. You can also easily document static IP address assignments.
WhatsUp IP Address Manager also provides other features:
1. Multiple IP addresses and IP address ranges are grouped and displayed in an easy to read table format.
2. NAT (Network Address Translation) addresses are displayed with other IP addresses.
3. DNS records are stored in a DNS tree that can be easily navigated.
4. Configurations for DHCP and DHCP scope are displayed.
5. Geographic location for all device clients and hosts can be displayed.


On 10/18/2014, WhatsUp IP Address Manager was updated to Version 2.3.0.

On 7/15/2014, WhatsUp IP Address Manager was updated to Version 2.1.0.

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What’s New in the WhatsUp IP Address Manager?

WhatsUp IP Address Manager automates the discovery, documentation and management of your IP space in concert with providing visibility into DHCP/DNS server configurations; IP address utilization and device-to-IP address associations.
WhatsUp IP Address Manager starts the chaos of managing IP addresses by segmenting, discovering, documenting and managing your IP space in concert with providing visibility into DHCP/DNS server configurations.
The application is designed to simplify the tasks and to mitigate the IP address management risks.

WhatsUp IP Address Manager is the automation, discovery, documentation, inventory and management of your entire IP address inventory on either your local network or the Internet for IP and host management.

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* Copyright 2013-2014 The Apache Software Foundation.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”);
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
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#include “guacamole.h”

* The Network stream is the connection between a GuacamoleClient and a
* GuacamoleServer and is used to transmit arbitrary data back and forth
* between the two. All operations (of which there are several) are
* streamed through this stream.
struct guac_stream

* The client sending the stream.
Guac_client* client;

* The client is active if the stream is open.

System Requirements For WhatsUp IP Address Manager:

*Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012
*Mac OS X 10.7.x or higher
Memory & GPUs:
*Minimum 2GB RAM
*Minimum of 1024MB graphics memory
*Required NVIDIA GPU with 32 Bit or newer drivers. You can check this page for the details of the supported GPUs.
*The latest GeForce Experience v4.3.1 should work on Windows 7.
*Intel CPU recommended, however an AMD CPU