Of course, when you start to see the sun coming out then it’s time to think about what clothes you are going to wear for enjoying the warm weather; whether you’re relaxing on a patio or hopping from festival to festival.

This year offers styles that are great for both dressing up and dressing down. Fashion mavens the world round are noting that the scarf trend that took over autumn and winter will still be present in spring and summer – with lightweight and floral patterns that are bright and light.

When it comes to summer, footwear should always be comfortable – that means strappy sandals for beach days and flat shoes for city walking. In fact, in 2008 the trend toward gladiator-style sandals became very popular, with styles ranging from the towering high heel to more practical flats in a range of colours. Indeed, the versatile, strappy gladiator-style sandal is sure to be a popular choice, as the style matches well with skirts, shorts and even some summer dresses.

Shoulders are the focus body part of the season, with designers around the world accentuating shoulder angles and a sharp look with shoulder pads in jackets, cardigans and t-shirts.

One theme that’s made its way through the entire fashion business this year is bright and bold colours. Whether it’s a bright yellow top, neon coloured swimsuit or bright sunglasses frames, making a statement in bright colours is a hit for both men and women in recent times. This rainbow-effect is sure to stretch across a number of fashion choices and items, with bright colours to be found on tops, skirts and summer dresses. While bright colours can be a bold look, they can be tamed-down when matched with darker colours like black.

For those looking for something less bold, the tailored pastel look is always a good choice in the summer months. Light fabrics made of cotton are sure to be a cooling choice during hot weather, and the style affords a laid-back look for all.

And don’t forget accessories! The bold trend will continue in the accessory department, with chunky bracelets and necklaces in bright colours accentuating summer outfits. Sunglasses with big, neon-coloured frames are also expected to prove very popular this summer.

Whether you choose to wear bold accessories or pretty summer dresses, you’re bound to find something to help you stand out in the crowds when dressing for summer.

Source by Paul McIndoe