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With WebX, you can write native.NET code to control Active Directory (AD) directly. You can get user information, group information, change groups, perform administrative tasks, and even revoke permissions. WebX can also be used with IIS 7. Source Code: WebX has been put in the form of an out-of-process COM server, making it easy to control from other applications. The tool also contains a managed code back end that can be used to minimize overhead and increase performance. Included Files: Included Content: These are all licensed under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL), with the exception of File, which is licensed under the Microsoft permissive “Simplified” BSD license. Daisy Disk is a file backup utility that sits in your system tray and automatically backs up your files from local drives, removable drives, and network drives in the background. The application can automatically back up your files without any user intervention required. These files are backed up as.ZIP files. Backup options are as follows: Replaces files Replaces file and folder Overwrites existing files Select files or all files (additional criteria can be added) Controls the backup frequency (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, every X days, daily, weekly, daily, weekly) Backups are made to a network path (either internal or external, via the Internet) or directly to a local path on the computer where Daisy Disk is running. The backup can be encrypted so that the backup drive can be shared with other people. The application also offers a choice of compression formats for the.ZIP files (compression rates are high, medium, and low). Daisy Disk uses Windows Logon credentials to backup the files and/or folders specified, so it is important to not leave it unattended if a computer is connected to an unencrypted network (like public Wi-Fi). Daisy Disk is an adequate application, but it can’t match the performance of other file backup utilities. In addition, Daisy Disk doesn’t offer any back up user interface. The user only needs to authorize the application for permissions. MobiClone lets you create and manage hand-held and pocket devices for your iTunes libraries and manage their backups. MobiClone is an iOS backup utility that does not require any user intervention. M

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Start a virtual webcam with your favorite program. WebX is a desktop gadget (download link below) that lets you start your favorite webcam application (like WebCamStudio) from any program, at any time. WebX works with any webcam program that supports webcams. The size of the WebX component is hidden and the program must be started directly via the web browser. Start WebX in a click: Just click on the WebX icon on your desktop to start WebX. If you prefer, you can hide the icon and you will be able to start WebX when you click the little camera button. In WebX you can decide if you want to be WebX-Saver or WebX-Tray. Image quality and other information about the session can be viewed from the WebX control panel. Sitemapper is a desktop application that quickly generates a sitemap of all of your website’s pages and sub-pages. This information can be used for SEO. Many web designers are using Sitemapper as their primary means of creating a sitemap of a site. Sitemapper can be used to generate a sitemap of almost any type of web site. It’s good for creating a sitemap for WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and any other type of CMS. It’s a must for static HTML web sites. It’s also useful for generating a sitemap for a domain. Sitemapper allows you to view all of your pages on the main screen, along with the ability to view thumbnails for each page in the right panel. Your pages are rendered as thumbnails, so you can click a thumbnail and the web page will open automatically in your default web browser. A printer-friendly version of each page can be exported via the printer icon. If you specify a page and a printer, then the program will automatically generate a printer-friendly version of the page to be exported. This feature is not available for WordPress pages. In addition, several export formats are available, including TXT, HTML, XML, TEXT, CSV, XLS, and PDF. All of the export data is stored in the same directory as the program, so the same directory tree can be reused for data exports and making changes to pages. The export format determines the format of the XML. The program will use the current templates directory for XML page construction, which can be modified by clicking the Edit Template button, which also allows you to add new b7e8fdf5c8

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The popular and most often used application to manage your photos, videos, and music on your computer. It provides you with a very useful and nice-looking graphical interface. You can manage all your data in the Media Library. The application gives you access to view your entire library as well as view and open each file individually. With the application, you can create some nice and easy-to-use playlists, burn a disc with your music, or arrange the files into folders. Moreover, there are many nice tools on the application that can help you burn, delete, or edit all your files. In addition, the application is integrated with your hard drive and has many features to organize and find your files with ease. The application also features drag-and-drop buttons for your folders, and even an option to add files. It sports a nice graphical look with animated icons and backgrounds. Portable Media Library is a useful program that creates a media library with the files you have on your computer. The application helps you share your files by accessing the built-in FTP server and makes sure you can find your files with ease. It also offers you a search function, which makes it easier to find your files. Furthermore, it allows you to play your media or access your files with ease. All in all, Portable Media Library is a versatile and useful program that may be of use to those users who want to manage their files and access them for many different reasons. Portable SW-Browser is a useful application that offers you a built-in browser with some of the most popular web sites, including Yahoo and Google, along with several RSS feeds. It allows you to simply open any of the websites, such as Youtube, Facebook, or Google, and even access your feeds. The application supports several different ways to navigate the web. You can easily open any of the websites you have saved, or simply start typing in the address bar. You can also type any sites in the first text box for added options. You can pick the address bar from the list of bookmarks or simply click on a site to view the main page. Another unique feature of the application is the option to open up bookmarks directly into the RSS menu. All in all, Portable SW-Browser is a very useful web browser with built-in support for RSS feeds. It has an easy and well-organized user interface that allows you to browse all your favorite web sites. The First Tool

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If you look for web-based document-sharing and collaboration, then WebX might be the right tool for you. WebX is a web-based application that lets you share and sync documents, spreadsheets, images, and pretty much any type of documents across your network. WebX tries to capture the ability to edit documents on a web browser and it has pretty good success doing this. The program is actually extremely easy to use and is very fast. WebX must be on the top of the list of tools you should check out this year since is the most powerful web-based solution for your documents sharing and collaboration, but also because it does have a very affordable price (with free trial). Basic features WebX comes with a set of basic features, so you don’t have to pay to use them. This free edition is limited to one user, multiple files, one computer and 100MB of data. It has a very nice interface that suits well its features. You can edit document documents in a browser. WebX also provides a list of the most commonly used services with abbreviations like Dropbox and Google Drive. And the document synchronization feature is good, it uploads and downloads your files. WebX provides you with two ways to synchronize your files, you can select an FTP or a direct connection to Google Drive, so it can be a good way to share files among other computers without the need of web-based document sharing. But the two options are very different. Using the FTP, you have to install the FTP and WebX on your computers and access the application using a URL, so you can be pretty sure that the FTP is always up to date. WebX doesn’t allow you to update your files using FTP. Instead, you have to save your documents on local and then copy to the web-based application. This option is quite basic, but it allows you to set specific folders on local and remote computers. Updating directly from a Google Drive means having to sync first, which is a bit more complicated. Both options are very easy to use. The interface of WebX is very neat. You just have to sign up using your Google Account credentials to create an account. Then, you can easily upload, sync and download your files between your desktop and your cloud based storage. The program is quite fast, it updates and synchronizes files really fast, especially if your network connection is up to date. One of the most advanced web-

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core i3 Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 (1 GB VRAM) or AMD HD 7870 (512 MB VRAM) Storage: 25 GB available space Sound card: Stereo Speakers or Headphones Additional Notes: Use of VR headset or HMD required. Recommended: Processor: Intel Core i5 Memory: 4 GB RAM