Running has become more and more hi-tech, as users are increasingly turning towards smartphones and smartwatches to monitor their performance. This allows one to record accurate metrics and improve the overall results. Acting as an intermediary between professional or amateurs runners and their tracking devices, Turtle Sport allows one to enhance the utility of the data retrieved from GPS recording sessions. Compatible with most Garmin running models The lightweight program integrates with many such devices, including Garmin and Suunto models. More-so, users can customize a wide range of specific parameters, such as the racer's name or the gear employed; one can even add pictures for these entries and inserting customized race notes is also supported. Since the application integrates with performance-monitoring smartwatches, one can easily obtain and monitor vital health data, such as beats per minute. Race-related metrics are also kept, such as the actual distance covered, the speed, and the dates involved. Check the race distance with live satellite coverage Satellite maps are available to racers and one can choose between multiple providers; if the default entries are not deemed satisfactory, users can always add customized map providers. As for the actual physical activities, the application comes with three built-in categories: “Bike”, “Running”, and “Other sport”, and anyone involved in other types of outdoor exercises can simply add user-defined items. Probably the strong point of this intuitive tool is its ability to generate graphs and diagrams, based on the data received from the GPS devices. From yearly distances covered bar graphs to bpm trend line charts, the utility provides multiple informative diagrams, all of which can be sent to a third party via email. A practical and comprehensive solution for recording racing statistics To conclude, Turtle Sport is, unlike its name would suggest, a lightweight and fast solution for anyone in need of a software package to augment GPS running equipment performance. The application integrates with multiple satellite maps providers and allows users to generate highly informative diagrams.







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Turtle Sport is a running tracker that integrates with smartwatches from such companies as Suunto, Garmin, Polar, and Suunto. It allows users to keep track of their distance, pace, speed, and temperature without having to manually record the same information. Turtle Sport is a great tool to cross-reference your running data with that of your phone or other fitness devices. Since it is compatible with such gadgets, you can make use of the cloud and easily compare the data with a wider net of running information. Turtle Sport lets you track performance, monitor your health, and analyze your running data on the fly. What’s Included: · Dynamic charts & graphs to compare performance and compile race stats · Customized interface to your wrist · Live satellite coverage charts · Create custom runners, maps, notes, and even collect photo galleries · Share your data with others via social media You can set it up to sync to your phone as well. Arcanjo is a great looking full featured application for monitoring and tracking performance. It’s well laid out, works great and does exactly what it says on the tin. PROS: Good design and layout Great interface Great data field layout and selection Connected app support is also good. CONS: Doesn’t have a ‘Settings’ link in the main menu It will automatically launch the ‘Overview’ screen as soon as it’s installed and before you can actually use the app. It will open the web version instead of the desired app, so it will always be ‘Select application’ instead of ‘Show new version of app’ Overall it’s a great app and has the ability to get the job done. If you’re looking for something more “end-user” friendly perhaps you’ll find something that will suit you better, but if you are up for a challenge, Arcanjo is worth checking out. Primary Features: Notifications, tagging, and sorting. Track the data of another device, like your running or bike computer. Create a unique user profile Precise data, with very large fields to fill in and edit. Fast, straight to the point Avoid step-by-step manual data logging. Save your data automatically to create your own dashboard. Interactive and customizable graphs.

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Turtle Sport For Windows 10 Crack Beside its intuitive simplicity, one of the most appealing features of the Turtle Sport Crack For Windows software is its ability to integrate data generated from other third-party gadgets. This means that one doesn’t need to invest heavily in expensive high-tech equipment to track their physical activities, as the program works on the principle of ‘The Power of Simplicity’, allowing users to perform their activities regardless of the platform or device at hand. Turtle Sport Users don’t need to invest in a full-fledged software solution to track their activities. The program simply allows one to aggregate data from multiple sources, such as a GPS device, smartwatch, and fitness band. Turtle Sport Running and cycling are typically regarded as precision disciplines, and the Turtle Sport software doesn’t take away from the fact that a racer wants to record their performance, but rather makes it easier. Since the program can be operated with smartphones, there’s really no excuse as to why one can’t track their activities. Turtle Sport Beside its data-tracking abilities, the Turtle Sport software also allows users to generate special graphs for the data received. This is a strong feature for someone who cares to get more insight into their activities, such as analyzing their heart rate variations. Turtle Sport Racing is not just a matter of pedaling away, and while the Turtle Sport software provides precise data on the speed and distance covered, it is also capable of tracking other activities. The timeline allows one to track which specific day they participated in a specific activity, such as biking, while the offline clock and stopwatch allow one to measure their activity time. Turtle Sport In an effort to simplify tasks, the Turtle Sport software is open source and allows one to port their graphs from the aforementioned web browser. In fact, you can simply copy paste the above-mentioned graph URL and send it to a friend on Facebook. Turtle Sport The Turtle Sport software is extremely flexible and allows for plenty of variations in monitoring one’s activities. For example, one can specify which specific device will be used to produce or receive the data. Turtle Sport The program simplifies tasks, allowing users to record and analyze the data they generate in an instant. Better yet, one can save the results to their computer, so they can be accessed later on or emailed to a friend. Turtle Sport Racing is not just a matter of pedaling away, and while the Turtle 2f7fe94e24

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This application allows you to track your activities and improve your results! Whether you’re a triathlete, a runner, a cyclist or a body builder, Turtle Sport is here to help you record and analyze your data. Want to get a better idea of how long it takes you to run your best? Record your times, speeds, distances on every run and track your progress throughout the year! Want to keep up with your cycling pace throughout the whole season? Create a calendar of your favorite rides and track your average speed. Want to know what your efforts are worth? Calculate your average speed, your speed in one mile or kilometer, your distance covered per hour or minute, etc. Want to share your race times with your friends? Track your friends live and see where they rank from different countries! Want to see where the best athletes in the world travel to? Turtle Sport shows you where they train. Compatible with Garmin GPS systems Turtle Sport allows you to record your bike riding time (bike and bike segment) in kilometers or miles. You can also record your distance in kilometers or miles on foot and use it to determine if you’re getting closer to your goals. Turtle Sport allows you to record your swimming times. You can also use Turtle Sport to record your running (single segment or total), biking (single segment or total), swimming and any other sport that you play, such as rugby, hockey, soccer, etc. Turtle Sport allows you to track your running pace (percentage, speed, pace, total distance, or distance covered in an hour, etc.) or cycling pace (percentage, speed, etc.). Want to see what your efforts are worth? Turtle Sport allows you to calculate all your activities and view their value (number of kilometers or miles). Want to track your friends? Turtle Sport allows you to track your friends during live races, etc. Unique features of the application: ● GPS tracking with unlimited locations ● Long Live tracking ● Live satellite maps ● Memory function for the most common sports (running, cycling, swimming, etc.) ● Multi-sport-track (jogging, bike, running, cycling, walking, swimming, etc.) ● Compatible with most Garmin GPS devices ● Optimized for Android Wear ● Track at a single location or on multiple locations ● Smart notifications ● Customize your map with images or text ● Optimize battery life by allowing your app to run

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Turtle Sport is a professional GPS running application for runners, bike- and cross-fitters. Helping to overcome the barriers of unfamiliar data analysis and eliminate the stress of installing complicated software, the main benefit of this free application is collecting, sorting and summarizing the activity data at the athlete’s disposal. With large data sets available at the swipe of a button, this graphic user interface makes it easy to visualize and act on performance metrics. Utilizing trends, graphically represented, runners are able to follow their progress, and combine results with those of a live race. The main features of Turtle Sport are: 1. GPS visualization of physical activity data (GPS tracks, routes, peaks, courses), recorded in the user’s surroundings. 2. Open graph API allows for integration with other online services such as: health apps, social media networks, fitness tracking, live race and gear reviews. 3. Tracks, routes, peaks, courses are available in satellite maps (Google, Yandex, Bing, Google Play, etc.) 4. Live Races – a visually appealing race map with live clock and satellite tracking, updated in real-time. 5. Ability to share data with other users. 6. Customize the GPS performance analysis with various statistics and trends. 7. User’s statistics, provided on the Google Play dashboard and available in the user’s Android device: distance, pace, calories, ascent, descent and heart rate. 8. Displayed on the screen, distance, pace and heart rate are in the form of a line. 9. Distance and pace can also be combined into a pace-distance ratio (PPR). 10. Calories and ascent calories are expressed in the form of a pie chart. 11. A detailed report of all collected activities including Garmin Connect records. 12. Ability to configure route filters, and the ability to configure, save, and share custom routes. 13. Ability to visualize the time-lapse shot, set in the user’s surroundings. Settings – GPS visualization of physical activity data (tracks, routes, peaks, courses) – Open graph API allows for integration with other online services such as: health apps, social media networks, fitness tracking, live race and gear reviews. – Ability to share data with other users. – Ability to customize the GPS performance analysis with various statistics and trends. – Ability to display events, race, course, running plans in real-time.

System Requirements:

Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) CPU: Dual core CPU (2 x 1.3GHz) RAM: 1 GB or more DirectX: Version 9.0 or later Advanced: OS: Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 (64-bit only) CPU: Quad core CPU (2 x 2.4GHz) RAM: 2 GB or more