If you are in charge of managing a courier service, you might need to consider planning the routes of your employees in order to save money and time.
Although you can use traditional pen and papers, turning to third-party applications such as Travelling Salesman Problem In The City can help you achieve quicker, more efficient results.
Simple interface
As it is portable, you do not need to install this utility on the target computer. Simply unpacking the contents of its archive file and launching its executable grants you full access to its functions. More so, you can run it from removable storage media as well. Note that you need .NET Framework to run it as intended.
This program comes with a simple, user-friendly interface that packs a handful of interactive functions and organizes them neatly so that you can access them with minimum difficulty.
Optimize routes
You can turn to Travelling Salesman Problem In The City if you want to optimize a route for several vehicles that need to reach multiple destinations. You need to select a starting point and can add multiple locations that the application will consider when optimizing the route.
After you create a list of all the locations, you can choose up to 56 points, type the amount of vehicles needed for the job and select what sort of route the app should calculate. You can determine the minimum distance for all vehicles or a single one and also equalize the number of points for each car.
Can import data from various sources
Additionally, you can import data from different sources by clicking on the Additional Commands button in the main window and select the most suitable option. It is possible to add GPS, XYZ or text data by selecting the corresponding files from your computer, according to your preferences.
Lightweight route calculator that can import GPS, XYZ or text data
All in all, Travelling Salesman Problem In The City is a lightweight application that lets you calculate multiple-checkpoint routes for several vehicles in a simple manner. It comes with a simple interface, can import GPS, XYZ and text data and provides you with intuitive functions, making it both efficient and easy to use.







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Traveling Salesman Problem In The City is an easy to use software for easy calculation of shortest route. This software can use GPS receiver to calculate shortest route, but it can also use route data from a spreadsheet file or a text file, which is very easy to do.
FTP client is included in the main software package. So you can send and receive files.
After finishing calculation, program shows a graph of routes and you can see smallest distance and total distance.
Program will calculate multiple road intersections and shows GPS coordinates of them.
You can change automatic estimation.
What’s new in
A new version of Travelling Salesman Problem In The City is available now!
Changes in version
– new: in route planner, you can type where start and end destination for the route
– new: in route planner, you can enter multiple destinations by holding the control key while dragging the mouse
– new: modified: in route planner, show map is the same as the previous version, but the check boxes are added.
– new: modified: in route planner, when you drag the circle to the given coordinates, the roads which includes these coordinates will be added to the route, no matter where you drag the circle
– new: modified: in the scheduler, when you select a route, you can see the total distance, minimum distance, fastest driver and smallest distance
– new: modified: in scheduler, if the route has a sub-route, the node in the sub-route will be greyed and it will be possible to click the sub-route to automatically calculate the sub-route
– new: modified: in scheduler, you can select “Show nodes” if you want to select some of the nodes only, and to make the nodes in the selected areas clickable.
– new: modified: in the scenario, you can select your first and last choice
– new: modified: in the scenario, you can mark if you want to exclude some of the nodes
– new: modified: in the scenario, you can select your first and last choice
– new: modified: in the scenario, you can mark if you want to exclude some of the nodes
– new: modified: in the scenario, when you select the first choice, it’s possible to select the last choice too
– new: modified: in scenario, if you want to calculate the time for the first

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Travelling Salesman Problem In The City is an application designed to help you plan efficient routes for courier services. It can calculate up to two routes, based on different criteria, from a starting point to at least 6 destinations to a set distance each. You can decide whether or not to consider the time difference of departure and arrival between shipments.
Benefits to using Travelling Salesman Problem In The City:
Problems with Travelling Salesman Problem In The City are:
Travelling Salesman Problem In The City is a simple program that can calculate routes for courier services. It consists of interactive and helpful functions and most importantly, you can turn to it if you are in charge of managing a courier service.
The program’s functions are grouped in various tabs so that you can toggle between them as easily as possible. In addition to this, the tabs can be collapsed or expanded so that you can view more info without being forced to scroll down the main window.
Like any other routing program, Travelling Salesman Problem In The City allows you to specify the starting point and the number of locations you want it to consider in the search. It will then calculate multiple routes up to a given distance and you will be prompted to choose between them.
Travelling Salesman Problem In The City can import GPS data from your computer in its archive file format. You can also add XYZ or text data manually and you will see a pop-up window that allows you to type in a number to randomly determine the number of vehicles you will need.
With Travelling Salesman Problem In The City, you can determine whether you want your calculations to consider time differences of the shipment delivery and acceptance and the overall length of the itinerary.
Also, you can change the priority you assign to the number of vehicles, so that you can sort them from the shortest to the longest, in any order, without it being problematic.
While the program can import data from a variety of sources, it is worth noting that you need to be running the.NET Framework in order to use its functions. Moreover, the program also requires the Windows Media Player component.
Travelling Salesman Problem In The City Requirements:

.NET Framework 2.0
Windows Media Player

How to download and install Travelling Salesman Problem In The City:
1. Click the Download button below to start downloading the software. It is available in Zip format, which means you need to unzip it to your computer. You may

Travelling Salesman Problem In The City

Analyze a traveling salesman problem with the use of a computer and see the possibility of saving time by using multiple-checkpoint routes. Can calculate two-way and three-way roads with multiple-point checkpoints.
Control the number of deliveries, the number of vehicles and the final destination.
Automatically calculate the overall route and tell you where you should meet so that you can minimize the distance and still guarantee the delivery of all goods.
Support for Google Map and XYZ data.
Create, delete or modify multiple-point checkpoints.
Functional interface.
The user-friendly interface provides you with a basic idea about the application.
Single-file installer.
You do not need to install software on the target computer.
Customizable interface using drag and drop.
Note that the full version has a free trial version.
Just-enough-functions interface.
Managing the multiple-checkpoint route is simple; you can drag and drop the checkpoints on the map.
You can use filters to choose the numbers of delivery and vehicles.
Efficient and user-friendly journey planning.
It is possible to define up to 28 cities to be visited.
You can also export a Google Map where the routes of your chosen delivery vehicles are plotted.
You can import.kml data so as to use multiple-checkpoint routes.
Calculate multiple-point routes efficiently.
Import and manage multiple-point routes.
Routing data including delivery and vehicle count
Four types of multiple-point checkpoints are included in the downloadable file.
Create, delete or modify multiple-point checkpoints.
You can view the map from any device.
Small, lightweight application.
Provides a trial version that lets you test the entire interface.
Just-enough-functions interface that lets you get a quick and easy grasp of the functions included in the application.

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Mobile phone applications are extremely useful in today’s world because they can help you access information while out and about. These applications are particularly beneficial to those who don’t have a full-time access to a computer. In this case, you will need to take full advantage of your mobile phone.
Waze is one of the most popular applications of this sort. You’ll love its brand-new interface. And then there’s another one of this sort, Pocket RoutePlanner. These mobile phone

What’s New In Travelling Salesman Problem In The City?

Travelling Salesman Problem
TSP is a model to solve the shortest path problems. For example, TSP may be applied to find the shortest routes among the cities.
There are two kinds of TSP: Euclidean and Non-Euclidean.In this application, we use Non-Euclidean. The cost is measured by distance between cities.
The shortest path can be obtained by calculating the total of cities’ costs. A model of TSP is built with four characters; a start point, an end point, the number of cities and the format of cost.
* Simple and easy to use user interface.
* 3 versions: Euclidean, Manhattan and Prefix.
* 3 modes: Gather Point, Pick Point and Random point.
* Point data can be imported from text file, GPS file or XYZ file.
* All cost can be imported from text file, GPS file or XYZ file.
* You can input the numbers of vehicles and cost per each vehicle.
* You can reset the count number per vehicle by inputting the number of vehicles.
* You can set the total cost and cost per each vehicle.
* 4 checkboxes for options on shortest path of all four characters.
* 2 categories of shortest path for TSP.
* Apply and CSV formats are available.
What’s New in This Release:
* Support the latest high speed mode which is double end of the range.
* You can clear list of the update point.
* You can choose center of the end point.
* Support reset count number per vehicle.
* Fixed the issue of read data.
* Another issue of table saving and loading.
* The prefix of the value is not correct in GUI.
* Fixed the issue of synchronization.
* Fixed the issue that coordinates not correct in GUI.
* Fixed the issue that they are not synchronizing.
How to Install Travelling Salesman Problem In The City:
1. Unzip the files and install the application
2. Launch the “Copy” button, and input all the files that you want to import.
3. Go to the “File” tab and press the “Add” button. You can select the file that you want.
4. Go to the “Options” tab and add the file, by pressing the button. You can now see the file in the list.
5. Go to the “File

System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 x64 (version 1903)
Processor: Intel Core i3-7100 / AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: N/A
Storage: 500 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
Mac: Minimum: OS: macOS 10.15.2 (Catalina)
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3