Lots of folk believe that crunches are the best abs exercise and the most effective way to get defined abs is to do lots of crunches each day. Although crunches do work the ab muscles they are not the quickest way of getting defined abs. Actually research that investigated the muscle activity of the abdominal muscles during various exercises has shown that crunches are [actually not|not} even in the top 10 best exercises to work both upper and lower abs. So what did the results show was the best way to get a hard set of well defined abs?

Listed below are the top 10 abs exercises based on the level of muscular work during each, using both upper and lower is required to get clearly defined abs. The top 2 best methods are the both the same for upper and lower abs.

To work your upper abs the most effective ways are :

1. Bicycle Maneuver

2. Captain’s Chair

3. Exercise Ball

4. Vertical Leg Crunch

5. Torso Track

6. Long-Arm Crunch

7. Reverse Crunch

8. Crunch with Heel Push

9. Ab Roller

10. Plank

To work your lower abs the best exercises are:

1. Captain’s Chair

2. Bicycle Maneuver

3. Reverse Crunch

4. Plank

5. Vertical Leg Crunch

6. Exercise Ball

7. Torso Track

8. Crunch with Heel Push

9. Long-Arm Crunch

10. Ab Roller

The results were really similar for both muscle groups and the best abs exercises came in at the top of both lists, making it the best option for getting defined abs. The bicycle maneuver and captains chair create more muscular activity in the abdominal muscles than all the other tested exercise. If you would like to get sleek, defined abs these 2 exercises are some of the best to add to your exercise program because they’ve been proven to be the best abs exercises.

The bicycle maneuver is also one of the best abs exercises as it is easy to do and does not need any type of gear. To do this exercise you lie down on your back and put your hands beside your head. You bend your knees to a 45-degree angle and start a pedal motion by touching your elbow to your opposite knee while alternating side to side.

The captain’s chair is also reagarded as one, considered as one of the finest abs exercises to workout your abs and simply needs a strong chair with arms or a dip machine. This is by far the best ab exercise and is often overlooked because it is not a normal type of floor exercise. None the less it is very effective. To start, sit on a chair and firmly grip the handles. Ensure you keep your lower back straight and steady. Then (push|press} your back against the chair and slowly lift your knees towards your chest. If you’d like defined abs this is one of the best abs excercises.

Getting sexy defined abs takes work and the right exercises. It is important to do the best abs exercise else you will be doing more work with less results. You also need to make sure to incorporate cardio into your workout and eat a healthful diet so that you can shed any fat that will mask your toned defined abs muscles.

Source by Bill Siplayer