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The ShareMouse Portable Crack Keygen application is an advanced utility used to create a LAN to share your mouse and keyboard. The app lets you configure your connection and make it do all the work.
System Requirements:
-Operating system: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
-Processor: Intel x86/x64
-Memory: RAM 1 GB
-Graphics: DirectX 9
-Network: Local area network connection
-Storage: 1 GB
ShareMouse Portable Torrent Download is the best Free Windows 10 App to Share Your Mouse and Keyboard With Multiple Computers. Get ShareMouse Portable App for Free.

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ShareMouse Portable Crack+

ShareMouse Portable Full Crack lets you use the mouse and keyboard on up to ten Windows computers and Mac devices simultaneously.
To use the software effectively, you must first install a Microsoft.NET Framework on each Windows or Mac computer where the software is to be used.
With ShareMouse Portable Cracked Version, you can do several things:
* Move your mouse from one monitor to another without any special requirements.
* Use multiple keyboards at once.
* Sync the copy and paste buffers.
* Sync screensaver settings.
* Restrict the mouse and keyboard switches.
* Turn monitors off or on.
* Set another mouse as the active mouse.
* Dim monitors when they go into sleep mode.
* Enable a mouse to leave a computer.
* Enable one computer to control mouse and keyboard at another computer.
* Sync multiple mouse settings.
* Lock screens with a single click.
* Prevent unauthorized keyboard actions.
* Customize hotkeys for mouse and keyboard.
ShareMouse Portable is freeware.

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ShareMouse Portable Free Download (Final 2022)

The ShareMouse Portable is a useful utility used for sharing your mouse and keyboard with another computer or Mac. It is perfect for applications where you only need to share your mouse and not keyboard. And it is portable-it does not need installation. It even works on a Mac.

Please note that sharemouseportable is completely free and ad-supported. However, if you want a better download experience and more flexibility, please consider donating. Thank you!

ShareMouse Portable Review

ShareMouse Portable is an easy to use app for sharing your mouse and keyboard with your computers on a local network. It is a free portable app that does not need any installation. Using ShareMouse Portable you can share your mouse and keyboard with other computers on your LAN.


Manual Addition of new computers on the remote list

Drag and drop files from one computer to another

Synchronize clipboard with other computers

Customize the remote click

Customize the remote keystroke (cursor keys)

Customize the remote keystroke (close buttons)

Synchronize the screensaver with other computers

Create a remote shutdown command

Free download ShareMouse Portable

ShareMouse Portable is a free and lightweight application for sharing your mouse and keyboard with other computers on a local network. It is a completely portable app that can be run on any computer with or without installation. It can be used on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

How to Install ShareMouse Portable

Double-click the downloaded file to install the app on your Windows or Mac computer.

Double-click the shortcut icon and launch the app.

Use the tool to add new computers to the remote list.

Use the tool to share the clipboard with other computers.

Enjoy the features that ShareMouse has to offer.

ShareMouse Portable Tweaks

In the ‘Preferences’ section of the app you will find four major tweaks that offer you even more freedom and control over the app.

To adjust screen resolution for all computers on the remote list;

To set a timer for the remote click;

To customize the remote close button on computers on the remote list;

To customize the remote close button on remote computers.

Create a remote shutdown command

To create a remote shutdown command;

To create a remote shutdown command you will have to add your computer to the remote list.

What’s New in the?

ShareMouse Portable is a software utility that used this very principle as a starting point, letting you share your mouse and keyboard with multiple computers on a particular LAN, with a host of configurations ensuring a smooth transition and increased productivity.

Portable app for collaborative work on multiple PCs
As made obvious by the app’s very name, we are dealing with a portable tool, which means no installation is required, so you just need to run its executable in order to enjoy all the benefits the program provides you with.
It should be mentioned that the program hides in the systray, so you need to click its icon there in order to start fiddling with all the tweaks it can apply.
Shares your mouse and keyboard with PCs in the local LAN
To be more specific, what the app can do is ensure your mouse can move from one monitor to another without encountering any issues or requiring any sort of user input in the process. You simply need to inspect the client list and manually add the IP and TCP port of the PCs you want to control, then start sharing your resources.
And while this may not seem like a considerable improvement over Windows’ capabilities, it actually is, since ShareMouse comes with a series of extra configurations that are quite easy to handle.
Helps you sync various features for seamless navigation
Turning to the “Preferences” section should allow you to drag and drop files and folders from one computer to another, synchronize the clipboard, and even customize the remote paste hotkey.
What’s more, syncing remote events is an option, which means you can carry out various tasks simultaneously. You can shut down or lock PCs at the same time and even harmonize the screensaver for further consistency.
Handy desktop enhancement increasing your productivity
Aside from that, equalizing monitor dimensions, wrapping the mouse pointer around monitors, and restricting mouse and keyboard switch in a series of particular scenarios should raise no difficulty at all.
As for the behavior of inactive computers, it is worth pointing out that the application can dim their monitors to a degree that you can indicate, and once your work is done and want to end the connection, you can resort to the ESC key pressed a user-indicated number of times.
On an ending note, Share Mouse Portable is a sleek application helping you share your mouse and keyboard with an unlimited number of computers or even Mac devices. The program is responsive, easy to configure, and the enhancements it brings to your routine are quite notable

System Requirements For ShareMouse Portable:

1.5 GHz, Dual Core CPU
Minimum 250MB free space
Minimum GPU of 1 GB VRAM
Windows 7 64-bit
If you want a high definition graphics, then you can have Nvidia 1080 and AMD RX 480 or better.
For an older system, you can use a GTX 970 or AMD RX 480
Minimum 300MB free space
Windows 7 32-bit or later
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