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* _Photoshop Elements_ (discussed later in this chapter) is a software program that offers a few of the Photoshop features and a slew of photography and design-related tools. * _Winzip_ is a freeware program that enables you to create different file types that you can use in Photoshop. * _The GIMP_ _(GNU Image Manipulation Program)_ is an open source, free digital graphics editing tool that allows you to do lots of your own editing work. It has many features that allow users to manipulate and alter images in a creative way. * _Canvas_ is a digital canvas application that comes with several Photoshop tools that enable you to create multiple overlays and templates to paint or draw on, as discussed in the section later in this chapter titled “Understanding Photoshop Brushes.” Photoshop is a powerful application that gives you the ability to create or alter an image in many ways. Some examples include: * To create a picture of the holidays or any other event * To crop an image to fit specific borders * To remove blemishes and other problems from an image * To align various objects in an image to achieve a specific layout * To rotate and flip an image * To give an image a new digital look * To add artistic elements, such as patterns or textures, to an image * To change the color of an image * To create special effects, such as transparency, reflections, and other special effects * To alter the lighting, cropping, or color on a photo * To enhance a particular element of an image * To create special effects, such as selective focus and defocus Photoshop also includes an extensive online reference section that offers all kinds of information on using the program. You can access this reference section by using the tutorials on the Internet. This book comes with a download of the tutorials for your convenience. For many users, training in Photoshop or learning how to use the program on your own is enough to use it for most image editing and creation needs. If you’re looking for tips on using Photoshop to create specific images, such as how to photograph children, go to the online reference section of Photoshop to search for Photoshop tips on that particular topic. ## Using Photoshop Elements Purchasing a copy of Photoshop is certainly the most convenient and budget-friendly way to

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 is an excellent alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Updates to the program occasionally close the security holes that hackers use to infect computers. This program will be updated over time, so be sure to keep up to date and don’t skip any version. Just like most complex software, Photoshop is difficult to learn. The easiest way to learn how to edit photos is to watch a demo or tutorial. The best tutorials can be found online. Alternatively, you can buy a book or follow a tutorial from a YouTube channel. Learning Adobe Photoshop from the beginning can take some time, but you can become proficient in about three months. 3. Lightroom Lightroom is Adobe’s professional software for photographers. It comes as both an app for desktop and a standalone software for professional photographers. Lightroom was previously sold for £500, £900, and now £1,000 in the US, Canada, and UK respectively. It is pretty hard to use without understanding how to use Photoshop. For example, Lightroom cannot open PSD files. It does, however, have powerful editing features. You can edit images using the following actions: exposure, temperature, contrast, tone and highlights and shadows. While you can use Lightroom on the desktop, we recommend using it on the iPad using the Lightroom app. Lightroom mobile app is the easiest way to edit images on an iPhone or iPad. An iPad is a good companion to Lightroom as it is designed for touch screen and has the retina display. The program is usually updated every year. 5. Corel PaintShop Pro X6 Corel PaintShop Pro X6 is a color editor for digital pictures and works on both the PC and Mac. It works on Windows 7 and 8. The application has fewer features than the other “lite” versions but is still quite advanced. If you want to edit professional-level images, you will need the full version. 6. Paint.NET Paint.NET is a web-based editing tool available for many operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux. The software is available for both the Mac and PC. Many companies are encouraging their employees to use Paint.NET. It has a number of tools for creating web-based images as well as a681f4349e

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minimum required system specifications: 64 bit Windows XP (32 bit not supported) 256 Mb RAM 256 Mb Video Memory 512 Mb DirectX 9 Compatible Video Memory 1 GHz processor or faster DVD burner (not included) 2 GB hard disk space (not required for installation) Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher An Internet connection (recommended) Minimum Required System Specifications:64 bit Windows XP (32 bit not supported)256 Mb RAM256 Mb Video Memory512 Mb DirectX 9 Compatible