The Roblox games are created by the users themselves. The player is able to pick from a variety of genres ranging from Adventure, Action, Platform, Racing, and other action games to visual novels, MMO RPG games, simulations, and so much more. There are also three other platforms in the Roblox ecosystem including Education, Creator, and Community. Roblox History: Roblox was founded in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in San Mateo, California, and was initially only available in English, Russian, and Spanish. Later that year, they released a 4 1/2-year-old child who was a programmer by the name of Pip. At the end of the decade, the game platform began to grow in popularity, as did their total user base. In 2006, Roblox had about 8 million monthly active users. In 2010, the platform saw a massive growth spurt, topping 50 million users just five years later. On January 5th, 2019, it was announced that Steven Anderson would be leaving his position as President of Roblox at the end of the year. Today Roblox has about 166 million monthly active users and is currently located in San Mateo, California. Roblox Summary: Roblox is an online game creator and player playground, in which players create and participate in games and experiences that they and their friends can interact with, share, and build together. You can create games using blocks, characters and game data that you customize and personalize. You can share your games through the in-game browser and social networking functions, and play other people’s games. You can play on your computer, and also on other devices, like tablets, smartphones, video game consoles and TV. Roblox was developed in 2006 by a team of kids and teens. Roblox currently has over 40 million monthly active users (MAUs) as of June 2019, and is growing quickly. History 2004 – 2006 In April 2004, David Baszucki and Erik Cassel created a 3D sandbox game engine for the web called the LWJGL, which stands for Lightweight Java Game Library. The engine allowed high-resolution graphics and Java Web Start applications to run in a browser. The main developer of LWJGL was Erik Cassel. In 2006, Roblox was released for computers and was developed to allow players to create games from scratch. This game


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Go from bad to worse: Create your own game data Developing a game can be exciting – it combines creative and technical work. But once you’re done, it can be a shame to lose all of the time you’ve put into it. If you’re a little stuck, there is a way out: Game Development Studio (GDS). That’s how the Roblox team developed their games. Make your own. 1. Access the game data editors in GDS. Even if you don’t want to get into creating your own games, you can get into creating game data! Game data refers to the game settings and levels that your players are familiar with, the characters, the background graphics and music, and how the game fits together. It’s you. GDS is a high-tech game development studio. It’s where Roblox developers use the tools to design and make everything that plays and looks in their games. When a user plays one of their games, it’s really you that are playing. 2. Game data editors are an excellent creative tool. You can be a designer, scriptwriter, artist, or all three. These people develop amazing game features. But that’s only one part of the developing process, so they also use other tools in GDS, such as high poly models and bright textures. Still, game data editors are where the creative stuff happens! The most commonly used game data editors are present in GDS, as well as advanced tools. It doesn’t take much experience, however, to use them – anyone can become an amazing developer, once they’ve learnt how to use the game data editors. 3. Download the GDS. It’s only in GDS that you can make your own game. There’s no other solution – you could create a game for the Web and your users would be on another server, so your game wouldn’t work properly when people get tired of it. Game data editors are in GDS. You have to be registered to use the game data editor, and that requires a Facebook or an Twitter account. Go to or to create one. You’ll find this request in your Facebook or Twitter settings – simply select Roblox from the settings list. 4. The game data editor


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Can I actually get free robux if I have already completed some other missions? A: If your game is not your own, it is impossible to gain free robux. Only developers gain them. As you build more, the chances of getting random robux increase. So your best option is to build your own game. A: If you have a game that is not your own, and you have no mod tools you can do this. Just go on YouTube and find a Roblox How to video. They have a step by step of how to add free items to your game. And if you own your own game, you cannot run that game on a server. You need a running simulator. That is the program you use to create your game and you use to upload the game. They are an extra cost though. A: It’s important to know that “farmed roblox” is a slightly misused term. Roblox is a game similar to Minecraft, but is different in the fact that you can’t craft anything. What it refers to is when you hire people to make your game for you, and pay them. This can be to create missions you can play, or just to make a game for fun. There are a few ways to get free robux. The easiest way is to just buy them. Right now, you have to be paying the Robux Lifeline, so if you’re not making enough money to afford that, you’ll never be able to buy robux. On the other hand, if you want to make money using Roblox, you don’t need to pay the lifeline. You can usually get robux by completing missions, paying to get more users (sorta like real life VC investment), or buying from the store. It’s also possible to just pay to get more robux. You can use the Robux Marketplace to buy them. The prices you get through the marketplace don’t seem to vary much, so you can probably just spend some time deciding what to buy (or if you’re like me, deciding what to sell) and find the best prices. Another way to get free robux is to use bots. Bots can be made to do many things, including connect to a server, giving the bot players robux. Sometimes you will just be told what to do in the game, sometimes you’ll be given missions. To make bots, you need Rob


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