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The serenity of their freedom
The stenographer Tanya G., a native Muscovite, was returning home from work at eleven and was surprised that her face was beaming with a smile.
In the store, besides her, there were very few customers, In the supermarket, on all the shelves. In the subway, in the carriage. At the bus stop, near the house from which Tanya left. On the tram, on the bus. Everywhere.
And there is not a single customer in the store.
Tanya turned around and saw that a woman was looking at her attentively and even with interest. “Look!” Tanya exclaimed and tapped her forehead. The woman nodded and smiled.
“It’s not me,” muttered Tanya. – It’s not me. This is a dream, she told herself.
In her entire life, Tanya has never seen so many people as she does today.
In front of the store, Tanya got into a conversation with a boy who was walking home from school. The boy politely listened, agreed, because he did not know what to answer. After school, he took the subway and went home. There was nothing for him to do at home, and he went to the store.
“Where are they all? Tanya thought. “How few people are on the streets. And what a beautiful air here!”
Palendarists write a pentagram
They give me sticks-tuning forks,
Half-rooms open the doors,
My ancestors are ten thousandths,And I’m a penny, I feel like a loser
This world thinks I’m rich
I’m lucky, I know what I need to do
But I have problems and I solve them
And I’m ashamed that everyone is looking at me
Like a person to be pitied.
I realize that this is wrong and ridiculous.
The world of pentagrams does not like happy and joyful people.
And he does not like artists with painful eyes.
They are sick.
The history of life is the plan of salvation.
Pilgrimage to achievement.
I think I will prove to the world that the world cannot be happy.
But I think if I do this, he will stop hating me,
Because I didn’t prove him