Most people do not understand how to put on makeup correctly because many of us have designed our own methods of applying makeup and we don’t even know what is right and wrong. You need to learn tips on how to put on makeup correctly to make sure that you protect your skin and also look glamorous.

The most important thing on how to put on makeup the right way is to understand your skin tone and choose the colors and shades accordingly. Once you get this part right you will find that everything else falls into place. The first thing to remember is to cleanse your face. This does not mean the normal cleansing with a face wash. You can use cleansing milk that will clean your pores from within.

Once you have cleansed your face you can apply astringent and a moisturizer of your choice, something that agrees with your skin. Based on the climate you are exposed to you can choose your type say something with sun screen. You can use a concealer too if you want to hide dark circles or other blemishes.

The most important fact on how to put on makeup is to identify how to apply your foundation. You need to do it on your face completely and gently rub it in and blend it all over your face.

When you use your eye makeup, if you want to know how to put on makeup like a pro, remember the order in which you apply them. You first apply your eye shadow, then the eye pencil, then eyeliner and finally mascara. The next important factor is the blush that you choose. Make sure it goes with the eye shadow that you are using.

For your lips you need to apply lipstick and then apply liner as this will avoid the presence a line around your lips even after the lipstick wears off. It is wiser to choose the same color as your blush as this is what will give you best results in learning how to put on makeup like a professional.

Source by Leslie Botts