Hidden clutter is a common home organization problem. You know what I am talking about. All of those closets that you have “stuff” shoved into, those cabinets that are barely able to close because of all of the things in them and then there are always all of those bins of “mystery stuff” that take up closets and storage space. So what home organization tools can help you deal with this problem? The answer might surprise you.

One of the best home organization tools you can get is a trash bag and a good dose of honesty with yourself. When was the last time you actually used the thing? When was the last time you needed it? When was the last time you even looked at it? If your answer to any of the above is more than one year ago, it is time for it to go. We tend to keep a lot of stuff around because “I might need it someday.” That is a terrible reason to keep something. Because that thing that “I might need someday” is taking up space from the life that you are living right now. And do you really want to live for “someday” or do you want to live for now?

Do not buy any more home organization containers and go through the ones you have to see what you can get rid of. Wait a minute though, home organization containers are supposed to be great home organization tools that can help you get your home organized, right? Surprisingly, often the answer to this question is no. Containers tend to just help us make the problem look neater without ever really solving the underlying problem: too much stuff. Crazy as it sounds, one of the best home organization tools is simply the container that you never buy.

If you really want to tackle hidden clutter, that is going to mean simplifying your life and getting rid of a whole lot of stuff. Because the simple fact is that you have a lot of hidden clutter, you have too much stuff. Sit down and figure out what you really value having in your life and what is simply clutter. Honesty with yourself and your values is one of the best home organization tools you can bring to the problem of hidden clutter.

Source by Jill Borash