Are you looking to get rid of belly fat and would like to learn about some flat stomach workout tips that will get you there quickly? How to lose belly fat is one of the most sought after weight loss symptoms, not only because it’s unsightly, but because it’s unhealthy. Read on for some great tips on losing weight in your midsection and getting the flat abs you want.

Flat Stomach Workout tip #1

Do not do ab specific exercises. Now this is contrary to what we all hear, but only doing spot reducing exercises will not burn enough calories and fat to show off your abs. Full body workouts burn fat quicker and boost your metabolism allowing you to get flat abs faster.

Flat Stomach Workout tip #2

Do not do the same exercise routine over and over again. What happens is your body will get used to your workout and your weight loss efforts will come to a screeching halt. Change up your routine every few weeks for a much more effective workout.

Flat Stomach Workout tip #3

Include weight training into your exercise routine. This goes for men and women. By doing the correct weight training routines, women do not have to worry about bulking up. Those small "barbie-doll" weights will do nothing for your fat loss efforts. Kettlebell exercises are great for this type of workout.

Flat Stomach Workout tip #4

Drink plenty of water. Water not only keeps you hydrated, but it also rids your body of excess toxins and keeps you feeling full, which will in turn keep you from over-eating.

Flat Stomach Workout tip #5

Do not skip meals, especially breakfast, and eat smaller portions more frequently. By doing this, your metabolism will be kept at a high and burn more calories. One of the biggest myths in dieting and exercise is that skipping meals will let you lose weight faster. Just the opposite is true. Skipping meals puts your body in survival mode by thinking it’s going to starve. This causes your body to store more fat as reserves.

Flat Stomach Workout tip #6

Learn to eat healthier. Exercise alone will not get you a flat stomach. You also need to eat the right foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, grass-fed beef, these are all much healthier choices. Skip the fast, processed foods in your grocers freezer and opt for fresh foods whenever possible.

Flat Stomach Workout tip #7

Change the way you think. This has everything to do with how successful you will be with your exercise routine. Without the right mindset, you will never achieve your goals and this is so important to getting flat abs and losing belly fat. If you think you will never look the way you want to, you never will, plain and simple. Change your negative attitude to a more positive one and all your dreams and goals for a healthier, better looking body will become a reality.

Source by Jenna Dotson