The technology was created by Hyperkinetic Engine, an in-house technology group that has been developing game motion capture technology since 2009. Hyperkinetic Engine has partnered with EA Sports to power their football games for the past five years. With FIFA the company is currently leading the pack for game development of the soccer genre. The game received critical acclaim and accolades including Game of the Year at E3 in 2013. There have been numerous achievements for the team at EA Sports, over the years winning numerous awards and developing some of the most popular games on the market today. In addition to HyperMotion Technology, FIFA 22 introduces a completely re-imagined gameplay engine, improved set pieces and tight control over how players defend. Gameplay FIFA 22 comes with an updated gameplay engine that shares similarities to the engine of EA SPORTS FIFA on the Switch, but has some newer features to it as well. Players now gain momentum at a higher level through the course of a match and as a result players move better, more naturally and in multiple directions. An example of this is dribbling. As the player runs and performs a tackle, the player will automatically guide his feet in the direction he wants to go. Players will have multiple shades of control to control their players, such as light, medium and advanced. Developers added weight to the controls and feedback and players will react faster. With heavier controls, the ball will be reflected better on the ball and off the pitch. The momentum allows players to react to opponents well and to react faster to the controls. AI is now more unpredictable, defensive pressure is higher and use of screen-space is closer to how it would be in real life. The controls are easier to learn and the ball has more of a feeling and weight. HyperMotion Technology is a major part of the game, there have been multiple methods that FIFA implemented into the game. The technology is what allows the game to be faster, more organic and play differently. When the player runs, a real-life player would do a forceful movement that is amplified, making the movement of the player stutter and speed up when nearing the player. The 3D model of the player gives their size and feel to the player and makes the animation seem more real. When the player jumps or tackles there is a real fluidity and control to the movement of the player and this gives the player a more natural feeling. This type of technology was first used in the FIFA


Features Key:

  • Career – step into the boots of your favorite pro and kick off a career that plays out according to your own desires and dreams. Whether you play with key protagonists of the moment, create your own club, or find yourself in a new league as you ride up the standings, the choices you make will inspire stories told all the way up to the end.
  • Online – with more modes than ever, play in up to 32-player matches, or use Fox Fire mode to enjoy 4-on-4 real-world grassed matches where the ball moves like you see it in the trenches.
  • 3D World – step onto the new elite AI-enabled 3D match-day world, where your opponent will never stand still and every on-field decision will be smart and aggressive. Enjoy realistically connected gameplay on both 2D and 3D screens. Even under difficult 3D lighting conditions, the latest in engine technology and new depth map-based reflections will ensure you’ll see every ball accurately no matter how busy it gets on the field.
  • Performance – pay attention to the game. Tempo-based controls allow you to respond to the action on the pitch. Realistic physics – combined with new and improved reactions, player controls, and ball interactions – make every match feel like it’s moving in full 3D. There’s a more complete physical response to passing, dribbling and shooting. Transfer moves now feel freer, and the pace of gameplay is more accurate and refined. It’s now possible to play in “Euro Engines” worldwide by selecting Paris (for AI) and London (for human opponents)
  • Lebanese Cup
  • Creation – step into the shoes of a pro and create your own unique stadium. Have your players celebrate in the club’s iconic dressing room, or build and share dynamic short and long-distance routes across your own custom turf.
  • Story – step into the role of an up-and-coming star at a struggling club, then take charge of your club from the very bottom. Or climb up from the lower leagues of your league with a youthful roster. The choices you make will inspire epic stories told all the way up to the end.
  • Community – Share your adventures as your new club takes you past failures and tribulations into the world


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    FIFA is the world’s best-selling soccer video game. Millions of fans play and enjoy it every day in clubs, pubs, schools, stadiums, and even their living rooms! Whether you’re a dedicated player or simply want to enjoy watching the beautiful game, FIFA is the game for you! FIFA Game Modes FIFA Ultimate Team FIFA Ultimate Team offers players the most complete, authentic football experience available on any console. Discover all-new ways to build your dream team, upgrade your cards with experience points, and compete in leagues with real-world prizes. FIFA Mobile FIFA Mobile is a new mode of play in FIFA for fans looking for a fresh way to enjoy the game, especially on smartphones and tablet devices. Available exclusively on iOS and Android, FIFA Mobile gives players the flexibility to play the game how they want. Download for free now! FIFA Soccer This new free-to-play FIFA lets you take FIFA soccer to a new level by giving you complete control to adapt to your playing style. From new play styles such as 360° control and a brand-new goalie AI to squad updates and more, FIFA Soccer brings you the latest from the world’s biggest clubs. What’s New in FIFA 22 Updated roster with more than 25,000 new player models New Unernged preset with a stunning new look New offline game modes with all-new ‘Road to Glory’ Careers New customised player control system Updated introduction to celebrate the English Premier League Three new stadiums in England, Brazil and Spain Six new player faces Three new kits All new My Player animations Free FIFA Ultimate Team content updates New home and away kits New badges New Player Disciplinary System New Player Power System New Player Animation New Player Strength New Player Intelligence New Player Stamina New goal celebrations New goal celebration animations New Shot Detail New Off The Ball Behaviour New Passes New Player Trajectories New Player Movement Dribbling New Long Ball Physics New Settle Dribble Stability and Awareness New Fluid Player Kicking New Robust Free Kicks New Ball Control New Ball Physics New Penalty Shoots New Player bc9d6d6daa


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    Lead a soccer fantasy team made up of more than 1,000 real players. Over 1,000 FUT packs are also packed with 550 new and exclusive player cards, including 199 Never before Seen Superstars, 80 Gold players, 70 Silver players and 90 Bronze players. Career Mode – In Career Mode, the new Ultimate Team card collection makes it easier to build a winning squad than ever before. Now a single click allows you to draft a fantasy team that packs a varied collection of real and exclusive player cards, and you can also choose what position you want to play your chosen player. With more flexibility, you can really start crafting your ideal squad. Dribbling – More ways to express yourself with dribbling Player Positioning – Players are more in-game and on the ball than ever before Goalkeeper – Players are more mobile and react to crosses Sprinting – Tempo is increased and players are more flexible on the ground FIFA Ultimate Team – In Ultimate Team you can be a real soccer player Career Mode – The all-new career mode in FIFA 22 FREE MOBILE PASS Get the FIFA Mobile Pass by simply registering your FIFA mobile account! Enjoy the following benefits: Win prizes and play bonus games while you play all of your favorite mobile games! Saving up to ten times on in-game currency! Double experience points from all activities, including scoring goals and badges! Save up to 100% on microtransactions. Take part in all of the new features added in FIFA Mobile: New Training mode – Score, complete and challenge your way to the top! New Tag – Take your favorite player with you wherever you go! New Mobile Pass – Get the FIFA Mobile Pass for free for the first 30 days. Last but not least, don’t forget to subscribe to the new EA SPORTS Clubs — register at! IMPORTANT NOTICE: This game requires a persistent Internet connection (3G/4G). The “Get More EA SPORTS Soccer 15 + FIFA Mobile Pass” offer is available from 11 am ET on September 22, 2014, until midnight ET on October 30, 2014 or while supplies last. Offer cannot be applied to previously purchased FIFA Mobile Pass packs. Available only in select markets. Internet connection required. Not redeemable for cash. Terms apply (see eam


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

      FIFA 22 offers the best in football. It provides the biggest, deepest set of kits and new leagues and cups, featuring stars from across the world, and lets you play like real human footballers.


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    FIFA is the world’s leading videogame franchise, with almost 700 million players. FIFA is an authentic adaptation of the ever-popular association football rules. In FIFA footballers compete in matches using actual rules, gameplay and teams. Play against your friends and other players around the world. FIFA has all the thrills and spills of football. Choose your favourite teams and take to the pitch with authentic stadiums and commentary from the world’s greatest commentators. FIFA has it all – take on football’s global leaders and rise to the top of the game. This game includes three downloadable content packs including Additional Player Names & Faces Additional Tactical Decisions Team & Player Balance Changes An overhaul to the refereeing will see better insight into player positioning & technical fouls.In addition to the FIFA Ultimate Team you will now have the option of playing for your Club. Club management is now available for both online and offline gameplay, including the ability to transfer players between clubs. Server Improvements This online experience was of the highest level of the past years, but some older modes and functionality have been removed in FIFA 21 to allow you to connect to the latest servers in a stable manner. This new and improved server experience also means that you are now able to play features that used to be unlocked in earlier versions, such as the ability to upload photos and videos from the pitch. Visual Improvements The teams, players, stadiums and goalkeepers in FIFA 21 have been completely recreated to give fans in new and exciting ways to play. A brand new lighting engine has been added, which will allow fans to experience the 360 degrees of a pitch and experience the true brilliance of daylight throughout the games. In addition, a totally new lens system has been created to help improve graphics and performance. New Commentary This year we are bringing back the legendary commentary of the past years. FIFA Ultimate Team mode has been completely re-recorded with the best commentators in the world who bring you action with inspiration and drive for your players. Play Now Improvements Players can now control the ball at any pace, making the game more exciting for experienced fans and newcomers. More Simulations and Breathtaking New Features Look out for simulation features, such as the new massed-attack option, which allows you to control two of your players at the same time. You can also be the match maker in FIFA, allowing you to select your favourite tactics and play rules.


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    Minimum Required: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or better Memory: 3 GB RAM Video: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better Hard Drive: 20 GB available space Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 11 DirectX: Version 11 Input: Mouse, Keyboard Additional Notes: Emulation may be slightly slower than the original release of Terraria for consoles. Terraria Download


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