This article has some top tips for making a diabetic birthday cake for anyone who craves cakes even if they are diabetic, I know I do. Obviously diabetics are still allowed sugar just not in the quantities of most people. But everyone has a sweet tooth and when it comes to your birthday you are craving that birthday cake.

Here are some top tips when you are planning to make a diabetic birthday cake.

1.    The first tip of mine is to use a sugar substitute instead of granulated sugar in the diabetic birthday cake.

2.    Plan the cake out well, make sure there is not too much icing as this contains a lot of sugar. Make the icing with a low sugar topping or even try an alternative to icing such as fruit or cream.

3.    Fashion the cake with sugar free candy to make it look aesthetically pleasing to anyone.

Other ideas are going for a totally different diabetic birthday cake such as an apple cake or another sort of fruit cake. How about a carrot cake, personally I hate carrot cake but some people can live of it. Angel cake is also another common alternative to a birthday cake as it has a lower level of sugar.

If all this sounds a bit to hard and confusing, a little too much effort before your friend/family members birthday you can buy many useful guides/cookbooks on diabetes. I have the best hand selected eBooks and various other diabetic products on my website with some great reviews, come and have a look.

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