Cotton summer dresses are ideal for enjoying the hot temperatures of the season.  The ideal summer outfit for a woman is one that looks stylish, comfortable, and keeps you cool.

Summer dresses come in a variety of fabrics, but they may not be suitable to wear during the day.  For example, silk or satin dresses are great for a night out, but are just not practical to wear during a hot summer day.  Pure cotton seems to be the best fabric to wear as it can be worn at anytime of the day.

Now, let’s answer exactly why cotton is such a great fabric for a summer dress. 

First, it is very light weight which means it will be very comfortable to wear.  The last thing you need is a fabric that is heavy, as it will only cause discomfort in hot temperatures.

The breathability of cotton will prevent sweating.   Cotton has an amazing ability to transmit the sweat away from the body.  When we sweat, the moisture created by our bodies needs to evaporate to cool us down.  Due to the properties of cotton, the amount of moisture that stays between our skin and the fabric is a lot less compared to some other fabrics such as polyester.

Women who are concerned about the environment will be happy to know that cotton is biodegradable. Because it is an organic fabric, it is extremely friendly to the environment.

Cotton is known to be static free.  This means one does not have to worry about static cling when purchasing a cotton summer dress.

Cotton is a hypoallergenic material.  This means, it has a very low tendency to cause an allergic reaction.  Some fabrics just don’t jive well with a person’s skin and can lead to rashes. This is not an issue with cotton.  This is also the reason cotton is highly used in the medical field for swabs and bandages.

When selecting cotton summer dresses, you should always try to pick light or bright colors.  Summer and spring is the ideal time to wear such colors. Stay away from the darker colors as there is plenty of time to wear these colors during the other months.

Cotton summer dresses come in a variety of styles such as petite, plus sized, tight fitting, loose fitting, strapped, or strapless.  With so many different styles, it should not be difficult to find the perfect cotton summer dress that fits your personality.

Source by Mary Stegen