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Cost Accounting Notes In Tamil Pdf Free


Answer any ten sub-questions. Each sub-question has two marks. (10×2=20). 1. a) Determine the cost. S b) What do you mean by controllable costs? C) Where to start? 2. a) What do you mean by profit? B) What happens if you keep doing this but don’t make a profit? 3. a) What costs do you mean? B) What are you saving on? 4. a) What are you saving on? b) Who notices it? 5. a) What is the price? B) Who defines it and how does he do it? 6. a) How will you advertise the product? b) What do others think about it? 7. a) What do you have now? B) What needs to be done? 8. a) What do you intend to produce? B) How much will it cost?