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Academy Award winner and best 3D movie director James Cameron, who creates the visual realism and total experience of his films with the power of the state of the art CG, is famous for his work on Avatar as well as Titanic and Terminator 2. What makes the 3D user interface of Cortona 3D Viewer distinctive is that it allows you to switch between the direct rendering and the web-based render engine, which, in turn, makes the navigation.
This 3D Viewer also has another excellent feature that it adapts well to the configuration of your screen. Therefore, it is accurate and straightforward.
Aiming to make life easier for users, Cortona 3D Viewer has applications in academic, corporate, and governmental sectors where 3D graphics are more commonly used.
Best of both worlds
Cortona 3D Viewer provides all the features of Cortona 3D client and it is a great choice for those that are not familiar with the web.
Exposure to 3D modeling, real-time 3D visualization, and graphic arts, as well as their benefits in the field of education, design, architecture and management.
A high-quality 3D Viewer with which you can display and experience the 3D content of your choice with ease.
Cortona 3D Viewer (formerly Cortona VRML Client) is a reliable and safe tool that lets you create, edit, and manage your data in 3D, with high realism, ease, and in a visual, comfortable and speedy way.
3D Viewer supports.vrml,.wvrml, and.vif files, while also providing the most suitable rendering engine (DirectX or OpenGL).
It is a simple application with a few configuration options that make the viewing much more flexible and customizable.

Documents to download:

The current version of the installation procedure is available for Windows 7 and above.


Cortona 3D Viewer (formerly Cortona VRML Client) is now available for Windows 7, 8.x, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

The new version is more stable and polished than the previous version.

Among the features of the new version you will find the following:


Improved menu structure

More options under the “Preferences” window

Render modes:

Only one type of render mode is enabled at the same time

1. Light

Cortona 3D Viewer (formerly Cortona VRML Client) Free

Cortona 3D Viewer is a plug-in for web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari which allows viewing of VRML files with the web browser.
Cortona is an acronym for Cortona Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). VRML is a standardized 3D vectorial graphics format.
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Cortona 3D Viewer (formerly Cortona VRML Client) Crack Download For PC

The vcmsettings script is a set of scripts for virtualization. The script contains command line options that can be passed to the settings applet and command line arguments are provided by it.
The functions of the script are:
The main function in which the applet reads and writes various file types.
The function main_quit() that terminates the execution of the script.
The function main_start() starts the settings applet.
The function load_file(file_name) loads a file based on the passed argument.
The function save_file(file_name) saves a file based on the passed argument.
The function settings_get_value(string) returns the given value in the setting which the string represents.
The function settings_set_value(string,value) sets the given value in the setting which the string represents.
The function settings_get_option(string) returns the given options that the string represents.
The function settings_set_option(string,option_value) sets the given option in the setting which the string represents.
The function settings_get_values(int): returns the list of the settings that are loaded from the given number of setting.
The function settings_set_values(int, values) sets the list of the settings that are loaded from the given setting number.
The script is tested for 11.11.1 and 12.10.1 and it works well.
Usage Example:

Example 1: Load a file into settings.
Load a file in to a setting then saves it out as a temporary file.

Example 2: Display a setting.
Displays settings and their information to the CLI.

Example 3: Display a settings list.
Displays a list of settings and their names.

Example 4: Set a setting.
Sets a value to a setting.

Example 5: Show an information file.
Shows information files in the format: Title [Author [Date]]. An example of an information file is: Samples_vmware.txt [Skeeter_Volz [Nov. 1, 2006]]

AOP (ad-hoc polymorphism)

Yama AOP (Yet Another Method Abstraction) is a general purpose small design pattern (an anti-pattern, if you will) that helps with the definition and instantiation of classes when developing a software

What’s New In?

Cortona 3D Viewer is a plug-in for web browsers that allows you to view 3D content online.

Though 3D content can be viewed online, not all types of data are supported by the web browsers and many times a special plug-in is required to carry out the task. Cortona 3D Viewer is such an add-on. Designed to work with the major browsers on the market (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari), it is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

Easy installation process

Installing the plug-in goes fast but users need to pay attention to the process in order to select the renderer (DirectX or OpenGL) that should be used in Cortona 3D Viewer and the desired web browser that should open the VRML data.

VRML (virtual reality modeling language) files are specifically created for representing 3D vectorial graphics that can be used with a web browser.

Configuration options

When the 3D image is loaded Cortona kicks in and renders the graphics. The navigation options available at the bottom of the screen permit viewing the object from any side. Furthermore, you can control the navigation speed.

Among the configuration options of the plug-in there is the possibility to change the background color, define a gradient setting, control the CPU load in order to enable a higher or lower frame rate during the navigation.

Additionally, there is the possibility to change the renderer and set it up to meet your system’s capabilities. Changes can affect the textures and their sizes.


Cortona 3D Viewer is not complicated to handle and for most users the default configuration is also the best. Once installed it makes sure that 3D models can be loaded and viewed with the web browser, which is its exact purpose. On the other hand, navigation can be improved. Cortona 3D Viewer (formerly Cortona VRML Client) is available for free for 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

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Virtual Academy is committed to bringing the best technical support resources for all of our clients’ products and services.

If you want to file a bug report, a feature request or just to ask a question about

System Requirements For Cortona 3D Viewer (formerly Cortona VRML Client):

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