As the summer time approaches, throw out your bulky heavy layers of winter and prepare for the comfortable, cool and breezy look. A loose, colorful tunic over a lightweight cotton shorts, Capri pants, slacks, sweatpants, miniskirts is comfortable enough than layers with densely, warm fabrics. You can mix and match the light layers with bold and bright colors to achieve a fresh summer look.

Check out the Fabrics    

While opting for summer clothes, carefully check the fabrics as there is a variety of summer outfits, made up of lightweight, synthetic fibers to wick the moisture away from the body. Cotton, polyester blends, silk, linen and natural fabrics work best for hot weather.

Find the Proper Fit

Curve-hugging clothes that cling to the body tightly and don’t allow the skin to breathe is not advisable at any cost. This will make you too uncomfortable in scorching summer heat. Instead, opt for loose-fitted clothes that allow maximum air flow between the fabric and your body.

Sleeves and Necklines

V-neck tshirts with bold, bright and chunky jewelry will provide you a chic look. Tank tops and short sleeve t-shirts are the perfect option to wear during summer season. Lightweight t shirts and tank tops that are form-fitted but not too tight allow the skin to breathe easily while showing of your feminine figure.

Opt for Cool colors

Wearing light, cool colors during hot temperatures will reflect the heat while providing a relaxed, calm effect. However, bright, dark and bold colors are good for accents.

Don’t Overlooked Outerwear

Keep an outerwear such as lightweight fleece jacket, cardigan along with you during summer season. As restaurants, office, shopping malls and theaters have their air conditioner turned on for the crowds.You can wear a short sleeve tee over a tank top according to your comfort.

Keep your Face and Hair Protected

The scorching summer heat can easily damage your face, skin and hands. The best way to protect your hair and skin is to wear fashion hats, visors, scarves that best coordinate with your summer outfit and accessories. 

Add Summer Must-Haves in Your Wardrobe

To create a perfect summer wardrobe, it’s a great idea to invest in a few pairs of shorts, sweatpants, Capri pants and lightweight slacks that can be worn to office, for shopping, and on casual weekends. Loose-fitted comfortable tank tops, fashion tees, V-necks, cotton dress shirts in various sleeve lengths should also be added in your closet to dress up or down. Cotton lingerie are the most comfortable as it wicks moisture away from the skin.   

I hope, considering these simple summer clothing tips will greatly help you out to look great. Opting for comfortable summer clothes will keep you cool and stylish during summer season.

Source by Sean Wayne