Bhoothnath Returns In Hindi Torrent


Bhoothnath Returns (translated by Ghost Nath Returns) is a 2014 Indian Hindi supernatural comedy film, Directed by Nitesh Tiwari and produced by Bhushan, it premiered in India on January 26, 2014. The film stars Deepika Padukone, Mika Bonita, El Marug, Nadia Mirza, Isriam Khana s and Nitasar Khan s.
The film takes place in Carlisle (UK) in 1907. The young man Pyanavemy, a saint, a monk of the Carlisle monastery of Carmel, falls in love with the daughter of the leader Darwin, who marries the youngest daughter of the king, Victoria, as his wife. Pyanuvami becomes the head of the monastery. He runs his monastery with magic and doesn’t know who he really is as his parents are long dead. His father was killed by another man’s father.One day, Pyanevami kills his uncle, who was very similar to him, and returns to Carline. On the way, he receives a message from the future, which says that he was once King Victor himself – the son of King Victoria. After meeting a woman named Ensi (El Maruga) who knows his past, he realizes that he is the Victorian King. Since he does not have any identification papers with him, he collects the papers his uncle has, including the letters showing he was known and loved by Victoria, and discovers his new identity. Ensi is accused of killing her uncle, but Pyanovemi saves her and gives her his clothes, as well as an ointment to apply on her face.
The legend is told in two acts.