Aerobics and health benefits? Aerobics or aerobic exercises basically refer to the process of physical conditioning which is designed to improve respiratory and circulatory efficiency. The word ‘aerobics’ itself means ‘with oxygen’. This involves intense and sustained exercise such as swimming, cycling, and jogging etc.

Boxing exercises provide you with a full body workout because they work most of the bodys physiological systems.

Any activity that keeps you moving at a sustained level of exertion can be a cardio workout: walking, jogging, running, mountain biking, hiking, calisthenics, and aerobic dancing are only a few. You want to build up to a higher level of exercise that you can maintain for at least 20 minutes at least three times a week.

Specialized resistance exercises in a boxing workout help your musculoskeletal system become stronger. These workouts are more than 60 % anaerobic, so that you get a cardio workout as well.

In the gym it is also very common to see people on machines but not reaching the required intensity level. If your body can handle level 10 and you are gong at level 3 it is going to struggle to really make gains in fitness and health. However, do not be mistaken that level 3 is useless. It is still exponentially more beneficial than the person who never does any aerobic training , but more often than not will not get you the results you desire.

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Hula hooping

Yep, a $3 hula hoop. Twirling the hula hoop around your waist is one of the best aerobic exercises for the abdomen. It’s great for toning and shaping the waist and hips. All you need to do is hula hoop 10 minutes a day and you’ll be moving closer to getting a belly dancer’s type of body.

Weight lifting

The real key to lose fat is to combine weight lifting with aerobic exercises. If you do

too much cardio you can lose muscle although this does not happen occasionally.

Weigh lifting helps you to build muscles and the more muscles you have the faster

your metabolism works and the more stubborn body fat you will burn.

Aerobics exercises are ways to improve coordination, mobility and muscle strength along with a number of other things such as psychological and physiological well-being. This form of exercise provide a large host of benefits such as improving your over-all fitness, burning of calories, lowering your susceptibility against developing cardiac arrests and other forms of heart problems. It also increases your mobility, muscle endurance, body postures, reduces stress and alleviate self-esteem by helping you manage your weight properly.

Source by Vanya Hartwell