Finding time these days is close to being lucky enough to dig out a live corpse. It is so tough these days that many things that we mean to do always end up incomplete or un-attempted. On the other hand when it comes to a fresh face there are many quick things you can resort to that will enable you to look fresher, energetic and bright. And the best part is that many of these methods won’t require you to purchase any fancy products.

If you’ve got five minutes, you’ve got time to rejuvenate your tired-looking face and give yourself a fresh and healthy look. There are a number of facial masks that you can use at home in five or ten minutes that will perk you right up and at the same time, give your face a deep cleaning to pull out blackheads, impurities and sloth away dead skin cells so that the new ones can glow!

Choosing a face mask can be overwhelming when you walk through the aisles of the pharmacy or department store. Your skin type is the major factor in how to pick a particular face mask product. If you have dry skin, you’ll want to select a moisturizing face mask. If you have naturally oily skin, then look for a mask product that helps remove some of the oil without drying your skin out. Does your skin lack the youthful glow it once had? Chances are a radiance mask (one designed to get rid of the dead skin cells that make your skin appear dull) is the perfect choice. If you’ve been noticing some drooping of the skin, a face mask can help tighten and firm the skin of your face as well. Finally, if you just want to get a very deep cleaning from a mask, you can pull out the stuff stuck deep into your pores with a purifying or decongesting face mask meant to do the dirty work!

Deep Cleaning Masks

Many people choose a mask to deep clean their pores. Most also contain the added benefit of exfoliation that helps remove the dead skin cells and brighten up your face. Clay masks will deep clean, and harden as it is left on the face to set. After a specified time period you wash off the clay mask and are left with a fresh face!

Some deep cleaning masks are made from a clear material that sets and firms as it dries on your face. With your fingers, you peel off the mask after it’s dried, and rinse any remaining residue off.

You can find masks that set and dry within five minutes of applying- or you can opt for masks that tell you to leave them on for an hour or more for optimum results. Always be sure to follow instructions carefully to use the mask products safely. Don’t forget to use the mask that suites your skin type. Also try to purchase or prepare a mask that does not have any artificial ingredients.

Attending to your face today will ensure that your face looks young and fresh for many years to come. So making a habit of using these time efficient methods on a daily basis will ensure the youth of your face.

Source by Debrah Dragon