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AutoCAD is used to create 2D and 3D architectural and mechanical drawings. AutoCAD’s automation of certain drawing functions enables the user to produce drawings that are comparable in quality to drawings produced by hand-draftsmen. More information about AutoCAD on the Autodesk website, including a free trial.


AutoCAD runs on nearly every Windows version.

Powerful modeling tools for drafting.

Automatic recalculation of dimensions and distances.

“Linear” drafting, where angles can be accurately drawn.

3D capabilities.

Included Autodesk software such as AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD Civil 3D.


Price and licensing fees.

Only runs on Windows.

Software may slow down with complex drawings.

A free version of AutoCAD is available for downloading.

See also: Top 20 CAD Software Suites and Best 3D CAD Software.


AutoCAD was first developed and released in December 1982 as an internal Windows application that ran on an internal RISC computer. The first version of AutoCAD was called “AutoCAD I”. When Autodesk released AutoCAD for use in the public domain on June 5, 1991, the product was renamed “AutoCAD”.

AutoCAD was the first application in the industry to use an internal 3D drawing engine, the “AutoCAD Visual Graphics Engine.” It supported only static rendering of 3D objects, but it provided a basis for subsequent 3D CAD applications, including the completely rewritten AutoCAD Civil 3D, which can generate 3D drawings of 3D objects. The first of these programs was released on February 22, 1994.

Commercial availability of AutoCAD followed in February 1995. A trial version was available for download on the Autodesk website, but on November 4, 1996, Autodesk discontinued the trial version.

AutoCAD did not start out with the modeling tools that it now has. The first version of AutoCAD included basic tools for drafting that had to be implemented manually by each user. While other programs were available in the early 1980s, these were all running on mainframe computers or minicomputers, making the process of creating drawings time-consuming and expensive.

After gaining market share, Autodesk focused on improving its software and ultimately moved to the Windows platform.

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AutoCAD related utilities

AutoCAD offers many utilities and tools for 2D, 3D and 3D modeling, drawing, labeling, archiving, security, database management, rendering, web design, CAD conversion and many other purposes.


The AutoCAD product has a large number of add-ons available for download. In 2017, Autodesk was actively adding more plug-ins. Many of these plug-ins are available on the Autodesk Exchange apps. A selection of such add-ons is listed below.

Despatch Despatch printing is the production of reports, forms, bills of lading, certificates of insurance, invoices, etc. that are usually printed on perforated paper stock. In AutoCAD, the command Despatch is used to create a paper printout or, in a few applications, to change the printout format. With the command, it is possible to print a Drawing with the Despatch Print function (in only the drawing itself) or to a destination (e.g., a sheet of paper), either on paper or to a file. Despatch Printing can be used to directly produce paper forms or to create labels and envelopes (Envelope Printing).

Displacement Displacement is a 3D modeling operation that displaces or moves a model. The Create Displacement function allows a user to create displacement on an existing model, or to create new displacement directly on a new model.

DesignCenter DesignCenter is a presentation tool for 3D and 2D CAD data. It can present the design data as a traditional, traditional 3D CAD model, or as a set of 2D shapes. It also provides the following features: drag-and-drop of model items into groups; a “mesh” preview mode, where users can generate an isometric view of a model by clicking and dragging the mouse along three axes; an intelligent list of selected items that jumps directly to the selected item; annotations and styling of selected items; show/hide of annotations and styling; and three modes of presentation, including 2D wire-frame, 3D solid, and 3D wire-frame.

DTP Drawing template and DWG template files are common file types used in DTP (desktop publishing) and AutoCAD. A template is a file or set of files that can be copied and opened to create a new drawing. A template file is a special kind of drawing file that can be opened and

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Run the program and follow the instructions.

After the activation is finished, close the program and enter “start again” in the “addons” list.
The Autocad and plan are ready.

2.-Select “Import the Plan”
Open the folder “download”

Double click the folder and select the Autocad plan.

A file should appear.
Right click on this file and select “Save”

After it is done, right click on this file and select “Save as”

Select “Save as” and save it in your Autocad folder.

You can always use the Georeferencer from the menu: “File” -> “Georeferencer” -> “Georef”.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Microsoft Office:

Open AutoCAD files in Word or PowerPoint with a simple click and then edit your drawings. AutoCAD can make changes to Word or PowerPoint documents and open them again, ready to continue working on the drawing. (video: 2:24 min.)

Drawing an image directly into your drawing. Open your AutoCAD drawing, and then you can draw with the mouse, stylus or a drawing tablet. You can also insert a clip art, graphic, or a photo from your PC. (video: 1:29 min.)

CAD 1to1:

Generate images for your drawings for email, Web sites, and so on. You can quickly and easily create images for your drawings in AutoCAD. (video: 1:45 min.)

3D Design

Create advanced 3D models. You can create and work with 3D models from various sources, including your PC. (video: 1:31 min.)

Batch file import:

Open a drawing or a folder full of drawings with one click and then start working on them immediately. (video: 1:18 min.)

New graph management tools:

You can analyze your project plans and design-build documents with a set of new graph management tools. Use new graph management tools to organize design concepts, such as graphs, tables, and lists. (video: 3:18 min.)

Fast review

AutoCAD has received an extensive set of new updates and improvements in speed and performance. An extensive list of new features and enhancements is available in the user manual, and you can find a complete list of the new features in AutoCAD on the CAD in AutoCAD home page.

The biggest new feature is the integration of AutoCAD with Microsoft Office. You can open a drawing, your design-build documents, or even your Microsoft Office files with a single click. You can make changes to the documents and open them again without creating a new document. AutoCAD automatically changes the drawing and updates the model and the annotations.

Another major new feature is the Batch File Import. With this feature, you can open a drawing, a folder full of drawings, or a set of drawings created from paper or your drawings stored on a PC with a single click. You can work with a drawing or a folder of drawings directly from AutoCAD, without the need to open a new drawing or create a

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Windows Vista SP1 / SP2 / SP3
Minimum 512 MB RAM
Minimum 8 GB available disk space
OpenGL 2.0 or higher
Minimum 2 GB Graphics
Keyboard and mouse
Mac OS X 10.9.x or higher
Download the game and run it.
Select the “Options” tab and change the settings as follows:
“Settings” > “Display” > “Enable DirectX acceleration” to “Yes”.