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Autodesk AutoCAD Serial Key is widely used for building designs of virtually any type. One of the primary reasons for its success is the ability to “paint” directly onto 2D drawing sheets using a mouse and digitizing tablet. Once a design is completed, it can be displayed in a variety of ways, including construction blueprints, three-dimensional models, floor plans, wireframe views, and technical drawings.



The AutoCAD Serial Key toolbar is normally placed at the top of the application window. It is used to save and open drawings, open files, work with the built-in drawing tools, get information about the current drawing, and manage files. The toolbar can be resized, moved, or hidden to better suit the needs of the user.

The toolbar includes a variety of tools, including:

Window menu (Window ➤ View menu)

(Window ➤ View menu) Home menu (Home ➤ Home)

(Home ➤ Home) Recent menu (File ➤ Recent Documents menu)

(File ➤ Recent Documents menu) Options menu (View ➤ Window menu)

(View ➤ Window menu) Help menu (Help menu)

(Help menu) File menu (File ➤ Save As menu)

(File ➤ Save As menu) Edit menu (View ➤ Edit menu)

(View ➤ Edit menu) View menu (View ➤ View menu)

(View ➤ View menu) Toolbars (View ➤ Toolbars menu)

(View ➤ Toolbars menu) Reset menu (View ➤ Reset menu)

(View ➤ Reset menu) Help menu (View ➤ Help menu)

(View ➤ Help menu) Snap menu (View ➤ Snap menu)

(View ➤ Snap menu) Units menu (View ➤ Units menu)

(View ➤ Units menu) Annotation menu (View ➤ Annotation menu)

(View ➤ Annotation menu) Properties menu (View ➤ Properties menu)

(View ➤ Properties menu) Dimensions menu (View ➤ Dimensions menu)

(View ➤ Dimensions menu) Design menu (View ➤ Design menu)

(View �

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Useful tutorials

This is a very important section, especially if you do not have a previous knowledge of autocad.

Autocad tutorials
A lot of tutorials are available for every version of autocad.

AutoCAD training
This is a big database of free tutorials and videos for all versions of autocad.

Free training
Autocad training is free. The videos are available in a lot of different languages.

How to use a tutorial

Select a tutorial
If you have no previous experience in autocad then we suggest you to watch the “Autocad for beginners tutorial”.
It will help you understand what you need to do in autocad.
The tutorials are available in 3 languages.

Watch the tutorial
Select the “Advanced” or “Expert” section.

Choose the tutorial you want to watch.
Press the play button and follow the instructions.
If you have a problem with a specific step just stop the video and watch it again.
When you feel like you understand everything read the instructions one more time.

All the tutorials here at After-Autocad are for free.

The Autocad tutorial is completely free.
The autocad tutorial is free.

The only problem with it is that it is very very old, when the software has changed a lot since then.

Newer tutorials

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Improve the speed of your design process by creating your own text styles and combining multiple text styles into one for easier formatting. (video: 1:25 min.)

The new design tools in AutoCAD have been improved to include a new tool called Markup Assist. It enables you to mark up your drawing as you design, sending feedback from your drawings directly to the people who interact with it. And, for the first time, you can mark up drawings in 3D space, not just 2D. (video: 2:07 min.)

Have a great time working in 3D! You can now import and export 3D files, then view and work on them in AutoCAD. (video: 1:29 min.)

For users of drawing packages other than AutoCAD, the open-source program, Revit, now provides a subset of the AutoCAD commands. (video: 1:23 min.)

To add more precision to your measurements, you can use the measurement tools to enter the inches, millimeters, centimeters, and meters. (video: 1:22 min.)

If you have multiple 3D views of a drawing, you can work on several views at the same time using synchronized zoom and rotation. (video: 1:40 min.)

The Interactive Block Databrowser:

The new Interactive Block Databrowser provides a new way to edit and manage block definitions in a drawing. (video: 1:50 min.)

Use the commands in Interactive Block Databrowser to control the attributes of a block definition. This includes setting the bounding and visibility options for blocks. (video: 2:18 min.)

Or, if you want to quickly edit or remove multiple blocks, you can select the blocks and use the Revert command to set all attributes back to the default. (video: 2:16 min.)

The New Measurement and Layout Tools:

When you create layouts or publish parts of drawings, you can perform a variety of tasks, such as measuring and setting dimensions, that are normally reserved for AutoCAD. And with the new commands in the Measurement and Layout tools, you can control these functions as if you were in AutoCAD. (video: 1:43 min.)

You can also draw precise block definitions directly in your drawing and control the

System Requirements:

iOS | Android | Windows | MAC OS | PC
Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch | Linux | Web Browser
OS: macOS 10.14
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Video: Intel HD 4000, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M or equivalent, AMD Radeon HD 5570, Intel HD Graphics 4600
DirectX: Version 11
Internet Connection: Broadband internet connection
Storage: 2 GB available space